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This world stroke day we partnered with one of India’s pharmaceutical giant’s to build a public awareness mobile initiative!

Stroke is a life-threatening condition that is caused when a part of the brain’s blood supply is cut off. It is a medical emergency, and seeking early treatment is crucial to ensure that the risks of brain damage and potential complications are minimized. While stroke is a life-changing event that may lead to feelings of frustration, helplessness, and depression, one of India’s leading Pharmaceutical companies have launched a STROKE CARE mobile application — a public awareness initiative — By Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. offering high quality and cost-effective healthcare.

An informational App that provides the user resources about Stroke Care and also lets the user search Stroke Care and Scan Centres for a given PIN Code or by Center name and address. It helps you to Identify & Hyper-locate Stroke Centres/CT Scan Centres in your vicinity. It creates a geo-fence around your current location using the GPS of your phone and displays the nearest hospitals around you. The app also comes loaded with a host of other informative audio/visual content for general awareness.


Search by name allows the user to manually enter a centre name and
visually locate it.
Search by Pincode allows the user to manually enter a pin-code of
any area to retrieve the listed centres in that location.
Search by address allows the user to manually enter an address of
any area to retrieve the listed centres in that location
View Doctors lets you now search for doctors on the go
corresponding to your Stroke/CT Scan Centres.
The Resources Section of the app contains informative audio/visual
content along with a list of important and useful web links.
The Patient Awareness section has a slew of useful
data/infographics/content relating to the identification,
prevention, risk management, symptoms, treatment and post
recovery for stroke.
● Expert Opinions from some of the leading Health Care
Professionals. Search Stroke Centre/CT Scan Centre by name or
Pincode or address
and get detailed information in case of no listed
centres around your current location.
● Intuitive MAP VIEW of the Stroke Centre/CT Scan Centre around you
in real-time.
● In-app contact details of Stroke Centres/CT Scan Centres.
● Inbuilt Google maps integration for quick location/direction
details of Stroke Centres/CT Scan Centres.

●In-app call-in feature for listed centres for ease of accessibility. Hospital
now allows medical facilities to get listed on the stroke
care app via a simple in mobile effort-free instant process.
Refer App now lets you share the best stroke locator app with your
friends & family.
Contact in-app support helps you to directly reach out to us in
the case you would need any assistance about the app/tool.

Problems & Challenges

The client had given a very tight deadline and the App had to be developed for both Android and iOS platforms. Since the data used needed geolocation-based search, the master data for the Stroke/Scan centres needed to have accurate Latitude/Longitude values. With more than 1500 records, it was not possible to get the location details for the specified address manually.


React Native was chosen as the Mobile App framework to ensure the sharing of source code across platforms and faster development time. Google Maps services were used for Geolocation and Maps related features. ReactJS was used for the backend APIs as a robust and high-performance backend. The master data available for the Stroke/Scan centres was updated with Latitude/Longitude data using custom python scripts using the Geolocation services from Google Maps platform and HERE Maps.


The Mobile App was developed using the React-Native framework and related component libraries. The backend RESTful APIs were developed using NodeJS and Express framework with MySQL as the backend database. The APIs used JSON format for the request and response payload data.

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