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We Are On Medium Now🙌!

his is a major move for Hellhound Games! With Medium we will be able to deliver stories, news, and update notes faster and easier than ever before! So make sure to check back here often for all the latest and greatest news from us(and maybe even the occasional giveaway👀). Keep reading to find out more about how we plan to use Medium and for what will happen to our old blog.

So, How Are We Planning To Use Medium?

Well for starters, to reach more readers! We want to be able to make it as accessible as possible for you guys to find our posts. As well as have another platform to keep you guys updated(we’re looking at you Twitter characters cap😑). Medium is just a great alternative overall to provide the best news and stories on the right platform.

Well If We’re Using Medium, Then What Happens To The Old Blog?

The old blog while it has served its purpose, will no longer need to be supported and further developed😞. However, we are planning on bringing the stories and articles from the old blog to Medium so, that’s good👍. The old blog will still be available until June 30, 2020. Following that date the old blog will be removed from the Hellhound Games Site for good.

And The Blogs For Each Game?

The blogs associated with each game will be transferred to Medium as well. They will each receive their very own Medium Page and link, and will include game specific news, stories, and update notes. We plan for these pages to be live very soon⏰. But for now, the original blogs will remain active and supported until June 30.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read our first story. It supports us so much! We plan on having more stories and news every week. So be sure to stay tuned for more about Hellhound Games and all of our projects. Once again, Thank You♥!



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