Schatten Previews

Where anyone ends up is neither here nor there. It is not a landscape of darkness, and it is not a plain of fire. Things are not grim beyond repair, but they, too, are not suited for the meek. You must be willing to lend an ear to those that have goodness still inside them, but not everyone is worthy of your trust. Do not expect to travel unscathed by the creatures that find refuge in the shadows.

To wander for eternity is all that’s left for the ones that enter here. Each day and night a tragedy for those that fight battles on their own. Help in any way you can, even if it means just finding ways to protect yourself. Welcome to the Wasteland.

On HellKeepers, you can look forward to an immersive world full of NPCs with individual quests that require your skills of problem solving and determination to explore further into the outermost regions. The creatures and lands you encounter become more frightening with each footstep. Your keepers will be by your side to guide you, so treat them well.

Each keeper species will come in various special colors that will change your keeper’s look and pose. Each one requires the completion of a unique task.

For the most basic keeper pose, you’ll be able to change the color. Here are the eight base colors of the Schatten, one of the many keepers you’ll discover in the Wasteland.

Various Schatten Base Colours

Keepers (those with basic colors and also ones with special colours) will be able to wear trinkets. You’ll be able to customize your keeper companions in a way that suits your desire, using our customization system that allows the layering of multiple items.

Here is a preview of the Schatten with trinkets found in the steam-powered region of the Wasteland, called the Steam Built District.

Schatten Trinkets
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