Iris Blauensteiner

WACHS — a work in progress.
SWEAT Fiction-Short / DCP / 30 min / 2014. SWEAT follows the last three days of a friendship between two girls. Marion and Elisa live in a quiet village in the countryside that offers them very little. They roam their rural surroundings, go to parties, watch videos, swim in the lake and fight. Angry about the accustomed, they develop new, unexpected power. And start to act it out.” www.schwitzen-film.at

“In the best case, there will be surprises, which are better than the written and prepared cases. Things you otherwise never would have imagined. Then, it’s up to me to discover them on set or at rehearsals or meetings and support them. You also have to feel the ambience, create it for and with the team you are working with, and later on for the viewers who are watching it. So in the end, it’s one whole thing together.”

SUTURE Experimentalfilm / MiniDV / 11min / 2006. “A young woman moves through the 60ties interieur of a council flat — my grandmother’s former apartment. “Suture” is a film theory term meaning that the spectator is “sewed” into the filmic space. The tearing apart and sewing together of the images causes gaps or empty spots. By filling out these gaps, the spectator becomes part of the film. He/She is “sewed” into the organism of the flat by stitching together the spacial image-fragments to a new, imaginary space..”
MILK Fiction-Short / HD / 20min / 2009. She travels through the unknown. She encounters and searches. Dark wood, orange curtains, tatty carpet. In a state of inertia in the middle of nowhere a young woman books a single room in a remote hotel. Encounters unfold in the anonymity of the building and disappear into the impalpable. Olivia holds her head under water, looks inward and continues on. MILK atmospherically portrays a young woman passing through.” www.milch-der-film.at
BACKLIGHTS Experimentalfilm / Super 8 and MiniDV / 6:15min / 2004. “In 1979, a dissection course was recorded. Twenty-five years later, I found the recordings by chance in a private, old Super 8-movie-collection. Projected on different materials in the actual “now”, the past — preserved on film and in formalin — is cut up and carved — like the medical students from 79’.”

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