How to deal with anxiety

Anxiety is a Bi….Big fat liar!

First off let me start by saying that I don’t hold all the answers. I seriously wish I did though! Especially the answers on how to deal with anxiety…

By now you must be thinking “well if you do not know how to deal with anxiety then how come your post is called “how to deal with anxiety”?” — It is simply called that because I wanted to call it that.

But the real question is “Is my title an answer or a question?” — Do I know how to deal with anxiety and therefore am I going to give you all the answers you’re looking for? — Or is my title more of a question and I’m asking you “How to deal with anxiety” just as I would ask google?

I just checked on google and apparently “How to deal with anxiety” is the second most asked question when you only type “how to deal”

And it is the first most asked question when you only type “how to deal w”

That means that everyone has a hard time dealing with this dreadful enemy of ours. But why?

Why is it so hard for all of us to deal with anxiety?

I think it’s because anxiety is never really alone. Anxiety always comes with her friends such as Self-doubt, Fear and Stress.

Let me tell you a little story about my recent encounter with Anxiety and her squad. On Monday, February 13th, I went to the city center to hand out my CV and cover letter to a shop that I really want to work at and before leaving, I had made myself some rice because I knew that when I’ll come back I’ll be too tired to cook. When I was finished I watched the fire disappear as I turned the stove off.

But when I was in the bus, a fear came over me — Did I really turn the stove off though? — I started to panic and I felt sick to my stomach. If I didn’t turn the stove off then the house could burn down and explode or something… And it surely didn’t help that on my way to the bus station, I saw a fire truck go off— What if they went to my house? I thought.

On my way to the city, I tried to calm myself down and reassure myself. It was extremely hard because forgetting to turn something off and coming back to all of my belongings being gone, is one of my biggest fear. It’s such a scary thing to think about! But I was 99% sure that I turned the stove off though. Or maybe I was only 80% sure? Or was it 40%? — Argh! Self-doubt is the worst!

I tried to breath and listen to some music to calm myself down. I was not completely feeling well but I was not as stressed out as in the beginning. When I was done with my little adventure to the city, I went back home. On my way back, I was still a little bit skeptical but I was feeling meeeh-okay. And to my outmost relief, I came back to a perfectly intact house! — Yay me for turning the stove off!! 💃🏾

All that chitchat to say that sometimes Anxiety and her squad will come to bother you but you should know better than to listen to them! I did let them get in my head for a little while but then I really tried to block them out because there was absolutely no way that I was wrong on this one!

They are really hard things to deal with but no matter what, you should not trust them. Especially if you know that you’re right! They will just randomly pop up to bother you, nothing more. Try to think positive and carry on with your life! May the force be with you! Haha

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