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I am afraid of living, but I live anyway!

A friend of mine suggested that I read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, so that is exactly what I did!

I devoured the first chapter in a matter of seconds and my, oh my, am I already in love with this book! So in love in fact, that I just had to write a blog post about it!

One of my favorite part of the first chapter is when Gilbert lists all of the things we — creative people — are most afraid of.

When I read that list I thought “wow that is true! I am actually afraid of all of those things! Is she a mind reader?” — But then, I went through the whole list again and each time I thought “Yes, I am afraid of this one, but I am still doing it anyway !” which made me extremely happy and proud of myself!

The truth is,

I am scared of living the life that I really want.

But I am also scared of not living the life that I really want.

I am scared of not living the life that my family want for me.

But I am also scared of living the life that my family want for me.

I am scared of living.

But most importantly I am scared of not living.

Life is a pretty scary thing. We don’t know for sure what will happen. And yet a lot of us are doing it, they are actually LIVING and enjoying it. — But how do they do it?

I am proud to say that I am one of those people that are actually LIVING and enjoying it. And my secret is to just bloody do it already!

Life is scary, I’ve already stated that! So what now? Are you just going to let Life be scary, so scary in fact that you don’t even have a life to begin with? Or are you going to say:

“Listen Life, I know that everyone says that you are a bitch and maybe that is true. But listen to me, you are not going to control me! I am taking a pledge right now and I am deciding that I will be in control of you! You can try to knock me down, you can throw tons of challenges my way, go ahead, but I will be the one in control of how I deal with all of that! I will be the one that gets back up right after you’re done pushing me down. I will be the one that will face the challenges you throw my way. I will be the one doing all of that and a whole lot more! So by all means, be a bitch if that is what you want to be! But know that I am a fighter and no matter what, I will be fighting for what I believe in and I will be fighting for my own happiness which I am going to get no matter what!”

Life is scary, we’ve established that more than enough times, but the real question is

“Are you going to let Life scare you so much that you are not even living at all or are you going to fight back and actually LIVE?”

You have two choices in life:

1 . You SURVIVE.

Meaning that you just let Life treat you badly. You let her be boring and plain while you are just here putting up with her bullshit, doing whatever she wants until you eventually die.


2. You LIVE.

Meaning that you take control of things! If Life knocks you down then GET BACK UP! When Life is being boring then make her interesting! When Life doesn’t seem to let you do whatever you want then find another way to make things happen!

It’s not about how life is, whether she is boring or a bitch or exciting or plain, it is about what YOU make out of it! What will you make out of the life that you were given? Life is only what you choose her to be.

So what kind of life is YOUR Life going to be?

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