Fetch is the simplest crypto wallet

Fetch is not only the easiest way to find the best prices and trade tokens with one-click, it’s also a powerful and simple to use wallet to manage, monitor and use your Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

Let’s dig into how Fetch makes it easy today and some of what’s coming to make it even better.

Automated Scan of Holdings

Fetch automatically scans over 200 contracts to detect and display your holdings. This is a huge upgrade over entering token contract addresses into an app to see your portfolio. For any token that Fetch supports, you’ll just auto-magically see your balance.

Soon, Fetch will support finding your holdings in protocols and custodial wallets in which you have assets. This means assets in an IDEX wallet or being lent out to a finance protocol like Compound will also automatically appear in your Fetch portfolio. Having to open multiple apps and websites to figure out what you own and where it is will be a thing of the past!

Send and Receive any Token

Tokens are most valuable when you send or receive them, either to use as payment or for the utility they were designed to power. So we made this one-click simple in Fetch.

Click the ‘Actions’ button on the Portfolio and you’re one-click away from transferring any token you own to another user. You’ll see your current holdings in that token and easily be able to send a fraction of your holdings. As with trading, Fetch takes care of all the complexity for you buy optimizing network fees (gas).


Have you ever refreshed Etherscan wondering when a transaction was going to complete? This would be nuts in any other situation than crypto. Refreshing the Bank of America page to see if a deposit completed? Nah…you’d wait for the notification you knew was coming when everything was ready.

This is how Fetch handles transactions. When your transactions are pending, complete or have an issue you’ll see a notification that explains the situation in clear language. No jargon. Ever

Clear language and no refreshes required!

The best part is we’re quietly rolling out infrastructure to support even more soon. Expecting a transfer into your account? No problem, Fetch monitors the chain and will notify you when that transfer is initiated and completed. Save the page refreshes for another time.

Transaction History

Ever tried to dig through Etherscan transaction history to figure out what you paid in network and exchange fees for a specific transaction. Then opened up a spreadsheet to input it all and figure out how you ended up with exactly how much you have, down to the 18th decimal place? It’s too much work, error prone and the type of thing software is great at doing for you.

So we do exactly this with Fetch. A clear language breakdown of a transaction to the 18th decimal place, no spreadsheet or crypto PhD required. You’ll find a complete account history in Fetch along with clear details of each transaction accounting. You won’t need to jump between three sites and a spreadsheet to figure it all out. Just point and click!

No spreadsheet required!

What’s Next?

We’ve already come a long way in simplifying crypto, removing the jargon, making transactions comprehensible and keeping you updated at all times. There is still a ton more to do. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out:

  • Mobile apps that are completely synchronized with your desktop. One account available everywhere.
  • Fiat on/off ramps so you can transact fiat to crypto with one-click.
  • Upgraded infrastructure supporting advanced monitoring, notifications, alerts and analysis that we should all expect from any account but sadly isn’t yet available in crypto.

Download Fetch and try for yourself today!