I tried to make a trade…

Hansmeet Sethi
Apr 30, 2018 · 4 min read

At Fetch, we believe so strongly in crypto’s promise of a decentralized future that we left our jobs to help realize it. The promise of this future is why it’s so important that regular users can benefit from smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Take trading, the primary thing people do today with tokens as protocols and networks are built and mature. Let’s compare the pain of trading today with how Fetch makes it simpler and more profitable for the average person.

OK, I’ve got some ETH burning a hole in my pocket and I’ve read some great things about 0x , let’s buy some. This should only take a few minutes, right?

First, I’ll fire up a few exchanges and find the best price. That isn’t too bad, I can pretty quickly get the current rates.

Not so bad, I can still see my CryptoKitties background

The market in each exchange has probably moved slightly while I’ve been comparing, but I’ll live with that for the moment because I need to get on with my day.

Wait. I forgot to consider trading fees at the exchanges. I’ll go back to each site and figure out what those are. Annoying. 18 decimal places is too much math to do in my head. I better open up a spreadsheet to figure this out.

Getting complicated.

I’m ready to go…Oops, I forgot that I would have to pay network fees to move the tokens back and forth. I’ll check what the network is like right now and figure out how to optimize it.

OK, I’ve done some math and see that EtherDelta is my best bet when I consider all the fees. I’ll go make the trade.

I should be heading out to enjoy some sunshine soon…ummm…maybe not that soon. There appears to be multiple wallets involved and I have to transfer tokens across them to execute the trade. I still need to access my wallet where I actually manage my tokens, not to mention, I must factor in the calculation of how much ETH I will end up leaving behind on the exchange to power a transaction in and out of their wallet.

At this point, besides being sketched out, I don’t know what the net from the trade will be or if it’s worth my sanity to figure it out.

I’m officially confused now.

Enter Fetch, which makes it dead simple to find the best rates and execute a trade. Let’s walk through how it works.

First, I’ll quickly check my portfolio.

Cute space doggie!

Nice, my portfolio is up overall and I see 0x in my watchlist. The Buy button right next to it seems like a good place for me to start. I’ll click on that to get going.

OK, this makes sense :)

I’ll punch in how much 0x I want to buy and see what happens.

That was easy!

Fetch is telling me that EtherDelta is my best option. I’m not sure though, what about transaction and network fees? Am I going to have to open a spreadsheet to figure this out again? Nice, I notice that Fetch has figured all of this out inclusive of fees.

Fetch gives me a DIY option for the trade, but I’ve seen how that goes. So far this space dog has served me well, I’ll ask Fetch to make the trade.

Thanks for confirming with me Fetch!

I’m ready to make the trade.

OMG…that was so easy. I’ll check in later when I have time.

That’s the way it should be. Easy for me and Fetch does the hard work. No degree in cryptonomics required!

Decentralized exchanges and finance protocols are just the start of the future. We’re working to ensure they’re accessible to everybody and invite the rest of the industry to join us on this quest.

In Summer 2018 we’re releasing Fetch, sign up to be one of the first to get access and follow us to stay updated on the journey. Now, enjoy getting on with the rest of your day!

Hansmeet Sethi

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