Chelsea Need to Focus on Winning the Matches that Matter*

By Bradley Wenz


After another win in today’s FA Cup, it needs to be said: Chelsea must stop trying to win multiple trophies and just focus on winning the English Premier League.

Listen, I will be the first to admit that I am a fanboy of a power club of Europe. Manchester United is one of the richest clubs in the world. A club like Manchester United has the ability to focus on winning multiple trophies at once (proven by winning the Treble). Although, despite all that money, results have not been too great recently. Irregardless, the point stands that much like the lovable story of Leicester City last season, Chelsea finds itself in the same place and need to just focus on just ONE thing.

Chelsea spent much of last year in the middle of the table, finishing in 10th place with no trophies. While Chelsea struggled, Leicester City shocked everyone by winning the English Premier League. Many people were quick to point out that Leicester City was able to be successful by only having to focus on one thing, and that one thing was winning the English Premier League because they were knocked out of all other competitions early. The season before, Leicester City finished just above the relegation line, and their meteoric rise is similar to the Chelsea success of this season. This year with multiple competitions to focus on, Leicester City has struggled and once again find themselves battling to not get relegated. Chelsea should see this fact as a warning of what may come.

Chelsea should pay heed to Leicester City and simply focus on winning the English Premier League, and next year they can either prove that Leicester City was an anomaly…or they can fall back to the middle of the table. Chelsea should focus on resting players for a full week at a time to prevent injuries, and not on playing multiple matches a week. Chelsea should focus on sticking it to José, since some fans are still obsessed with him *cough Davis cough*. Chelsea should focus on being the cute underdog story that they clearly are by winning the title just like their fellow small fish Leicester City.

I worry about this Chelsea team and their ability to finish just one task, and I worry about my fellow co-host Davis if they don’t capture at least 1 piece of hardware. I want him to be proud of his club lifting some hardware, not embarrassed that they blew their huge lead (hypothetically speaking of course).

Let’s hope that Chelsea can survive with so many major clubs chasing them for the English Premier League crown. Luckily for Chelsea, most of those teams are stretched thin with other hardware pursuits (but not for long, looking at you Arsenal). Chelsea, take my advice: put up a “strong” showing in your next FA Cup game, but lose (by strong I mean convince Davis you tried). This is the chance for Chelsea to rise again by just focusing on getting that English Premier League crown. Stay focused ya Blues. Lord knows, no one wants Arsenal or Liverpool to win it all.

This is a work of satire. Everyone knows Chelsea is a great Club, but never will be as great as Man United even a José led United.

*The Premier League and not the FA Cup

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