HFTO Euro2016 Pool (UPDATED)

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Update (Friday July 15, 2016)
This update is a little bit late, but we have ourselves a winner! Portugal topped France in a (not so) thrilling Euro2016 Final, helping Collin best Davis 49–39. As a prize for winning, Collin will get absolutely nothing.

Update (Saturday July 9, 2016)
On the eve of the Euro2016 Final, it’s now evident that the final will determine who wins the HFTO Euro2016 pool. Collin clings to a slim lead with 43 points, and Davis is in second with 40 points. Davis’s France team takes on Collin’s Portugal, with the winner earning 7 points and taking home the HFTO Euro2016 pool championship trophy (that doesn’t exist).

Update (Sunday July 3, 2016)
Today, the Quarterfinals ended and Iceland’s fairytale run concluded with a whimper of an effort against the French, who booked a place in the Semifinals against Germany. Germany needed penalty kicks to fend off an organized, if not particularly attack-minded Italian side. Portugal remain undefeated (and un…uh…they also haven’t won in regulation), edging out Poland in PKs and earning a place in the Semis against those plucky Welsh, who trounced a listless Belgium team.

At the conclusion of the Quarters, we have a brand new leader in the HFTO Euro2016 Pool. Collin is in first place with 37 points (Germany and Portugal are in the Semis while Iceland is out), Davis is in second place with 34 points (France are in the Semis while Poland and Croatia are out), Brad finishes the tournament in third place with 20 points, and René finishes the tournament in fourth place with 10 points.

Update (Monday June 27, 2016) 
Here we are, finished with the Round of 16 and on to the Quarterfinals. The Round of 16 saw multiple battles between HFTO teams, and our first HFTO Pool exit. Heading into the quarterfinals, Davis is in first with 29 points (France and Poland are in the Quarters and Croatia is out), Collin is in a close second with 27 points (Germany, Portugal, and Iceland are all in the Quarters), Brad is in third with 20 points (Belgium is through to the Quarters while Spain and Slovakia are out), and René is the first out of the tournament and last in the standings with 10 points (all of his teams are out). Here’s to an exciting Quarterfinals with some important HFTO matchups.

Update (Wednesday June 22, 2016) 
It’s been a week since our last update. Sorry, we’ve been busy watching the US succeed and then fail tragically. At the end of the Group Stage, Davis has rushed out to a commanding lead with 21 points (7 from each of his teams, all of whom qualified for the knockout stage). Brad is in second with 16 points (all of Brad’s teams are in the knockout). Collin is in a close third with 15 points, and is absolutely disappointed in Portugal (all of Collin’s teams are in the knockout YAY ICELAND). René is bringing up the rear (gross) with 10 points (Austria is out of the tournament but René’s other two teams remain).

Before the knockout stage starts, the HFTO gang has voted to amend the win totals for the knockout rounds (because honestly, winning a knockout game is more important than winning your group). A win in the Round of 16 is worth 4 points; a win in the Quarterfinals is worth 5 points; a win in the Semifinals is worth 6 points; and the champion gets 7 points. It has not yet been determined if points will be awarded for 3rd place, but hopefully that doesn’t matter.

Oh, and we also decided that Ireland gets DOUBLE points for every knockout round win.

Update (Wednesday June 15, 2016)
The start of round two of group play began today and only two of the HFTO casters had teams playing. France (Davis) won 2–0 against a Albania team that showed some fight but was doomed from the gate. Slovakia showed some real fight today netting Brad 3 points by beating THE MOTHERLAND. Davis still has a commanding lead in the points total and René is touching rears.

Update (Tuesday June 14, 2016): 
Round 1 is in the books! Davis remains perfect through round 1 while René brings up the rear (gross). Collin feels less bad about picking Iceland, but definitely regrets not picking Italy instead. Brad at least has Spain…that might be his only winner for the whole tournament. This update could have been worse. I’m tired. Whatever.

Update (Sunday June 12, 2016): 
Welp! Davis is out to a commanding lead, with his picks having won all 3 of their matches. My (Collin Johnson) Germany pick looks good, but I’m definitely regretting picking Iceland instead of Switzerland. René thought he had 3 points…but then he realized that he was relying on England to not be England. Lolz. And Brad, with Slovakia…WELP! Stay tuned for more obnoxious updates.

Happy first day of Euro! Before you get too wrapped up in France v Romania, check out the HFTO Euro2016 Pool.

To create some rooting interests, and friendly rivalries, for this year’s European Cup, the HFTO gang has done a draft pool to select teams to root for. 3 points will be awarded for a win, and 1 point for a draw (all the way through the final). In the knockout phase, the losing team will be awarded 1 point if the match goes to extra time and the winning team will be awarded the full 3 points. Tie breakers are explained under the results. We still haven’t decided what the winner gets. Any ideas?

Here are the results of our draft:

Below, is a running tally of our points per game, this will be updated as the tournament continues.

FINAL = 39
FINAL = 10
FINAL = 49
FINAL = 20

1. Total goal differential
2. Total goals scored
3. Fewest goals conceded
4. Unfair play (1 point for a yellow card, 3 points for a red card; most total points wins)

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