Why You Should be Rooting for the Sounds to Win MLS Cup

By Bradley Wenz

Photo credit| Jennifer Buchanan

The Seattle Sounders are the team everyone should be rooting for to win the MLS Cup. There are numerous reasons why an impartial fan, a fan of a team that has been eliminated, or a fan of a team that didn’t make the playoffs should be rooting for the Sounders to win it all.

First, eliminate the entire Eastern Conference. No one wants to root for a team from Canada. Sorry, so sorry, that you can’t root for Canada. I understand that Toronto, easily the more likable of the two, has Jozy and arguably one of the best talents in MLS in Giovinco, but it is still in Canada. Get your own league ya hosers.

The Colorado Rapids have had a great turn around season. Not to toot our horns (toot toot) but everyone on this podcast predicted that Gashi was going to have an impact on MLS, and he has. Gashi has been a dynamic player and has been very creative all year leading to two “Goals of the Week.” What no one saw coming was how impactful Jermaine Jones would be for the Rapids. With the addition of Howard, they have become a great team, which is why the finished 2nd in the West to Dallas (who lost to Seattle, because Seattle may have been the best team going down the stretch).

I know that this is article is supposed to convince you to root for the Sounders, but I still want to give respect to the Rapids and what they did this year. However, with all that said, no team has had as crazy and frustrating a year as the Sounders. As an avid Sounders fan, I can honestly say that the season started out very optimistic for me. The Sounders looked great running a 4–3–3 against Club America in the CONCACAF Champions League. I was flying high, and then came crashing down after a week 1 loss to Sporting KC, on a terrible call (karma in the playoffs Sporting). Things started rocky. There were many downs at the beginning of the season. I counted out the Sounders to make the playoffs in June. Dempsey wasn’t playing well, and the only bright spot seemed to be Rookie of the Year Jordan Morris.

Finally, hope came in the arrival of Lodeiro (MLS New Comer of the Year) and the firing of long-time coach Schmid. Seattle started to surge and the impact of Lodeiro has been insane for the team. He is the intelligent #10 the team needed. He unlocked play, and suddenly Dempsey, Morris, and Ivanschitz (in spurts. . . I am being generous to him) looked much more dangerous.

Even more amazing is this all occurred after firing the Schmid after reported locker room tension between Schmid and Dempsey.

Another reason for their recent success and one that has gone sort of under looked unless you follow the Sounders has been the return of Roman Torres. He is a strong defender who has helped to secure what has been at times a shaky back-line. Also he looks like a brick wall that runs people over, so that is fun.

All of this to say, who doesn’t want to root for a comeback story?!? The Sounders have one of the most exciting young USMNT team players in Jordan Morris, and thankfully Pulisic has taken a lot of pressure off Morris so that he can develop without the pressure of being the savior of the USMNT. The Sounders have an amazing atmosphere at their stadium, and while their fans are annoying to every other fan base it is hard not to be impressed at the amount of people who come to games and how loud they can be.

They also lost their veteran presence of Dempsey who is suffering from a heart issue. And somehow, they managed to find a spot in the playoffs! Root for the Sounders because as Mugatu would say, “Seattle. They are so hot right now.”

Cheer for the underdog! Root for the Sounders! Support America! LET THEM WIN FOR DEMPSEY HE HAS A FREAKING HEART MURMUR!

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