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This is not your common place album review.

I must say that this is an appreciation of music and love to the women who waved a very vibrant flag in Kandace.

A woman I have discovered to be a queen of the blues and at the helm of soul jazz. Beautiful music with a great antithesis and an even better voice behind the lyrics.

She has acclaimed her fore runners in equal measure, and this blog is to send you into a deep dive for many millennial's into these western Women who have been behind most if not heart and truth that lies in their people and the revolutions they funded through their music.

A 12-song homage to some of the greatest female singers in soul and jazz

From ‘Pearls’, a composition originally done by Sade, Kandace has put a revitalization campaign through the composition that speaks of a woman in Somalia. She and Avishai Cohen a champion trumpeter do well to tell the wonderful Nubian story! The Horn of Africa, Viva!

This duo continues their good work on paying tribute to the Bonnie Raitt’s 1989 hit ballad ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. This song reminds you of a second home in Blues and Rnb with Luther Vandross and it’s a jazz tribute to the art of great love songs.

Personal favourites are an abomination in such an album but I pride myself to love ‘I put a spell on you’ a composition with aspects of The Great Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven and the Queen of American Jazz Nina Simone. An execution of vocals is incomparable. Nina truly raise Kandace. The Legend David Sanborn joins Kandace for the song and his execution shines a light on thy ‘Springs’.

The pulled instruments will take you into a trans like matrix having you dancing all over as if it’s the sixties at an underground jazz club. ‘Devil may care’ is the work of Diana Krall and her 1999 album ‘When I look in your eyes’ her genius is a simple symphony of the arts. The head bobbing and the suspense is a vibe, not to mention Kandace’s lofty southern voice of great enigma, for that I will care. Oh I feel it its 1999 all over again with this!

‘Killing me softly’ a master piece by Lauren Hill has you singing along and in the zone. If your fan, I know there is a feeling of nostalgia that will beacon. Flautist Elena Pinderhughes does the single justice adding the jazz to the soul of the single, Spring has a mastery over the song, a sense of love and reminisce that will infect you as you listen.

‘Angel eyes’ from Ella Fitzgerald is a song that does itself justice and such a queen, it’s clear why the album was set for relief on the month of women. For international women’s day, his is a single to be celebrated with. Has the soothing touch of a true vocal Forerunner? A collaboration with Norah Jones sets this ballad to the stage, even the song title has me chained to the rhythm.

‘Strange fruit’, ‘Solitude’ and the ‘Nearness of you’ have left me a fan of Springs work and even more of the 80 and 90s inspirations. Women who have inspired her are among, Roberta Flack — Ain’t no mountain high enough, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield.

Ex Factor

Gentle Rain

What are you doing for the rest of your Life?

I hope these 6 uncommented singles will speak for themselves,

She has Two fore albums Soul Eyes 2016 and Indigo 2018

You can find the full album on Spotify and ;

https://www.amazon.com/Women-Who-Raised-Me/dp/B082PQH2ZM/ref=tmm_acd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid= sk3807e-20

Compiled by: Karumbi Mwaura



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