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Multiple Authentication System Laravel 5.4 | 5.5 | 5.6 | 5.7

Mostafa Kamal
Mar 12, 2017 · 2 min read

// multi-auth laravel , multi auth laravel , laravel 5.4,5.5,5.6,5.7

At first install a fresh laravel project >= 5.4

1.Create a admins migration table

2.Admin Model

3.go to App/Exceptions/Handler.php >>> then paste all code

4. go to app/Http/Middleware/RedirectIfAuthenticated.php and paste code:

5. Create Admin controller

6.php artisan make:controller auth/AdminLoginController

or create AdminLoginController this app/Http/Controllers/Auth/AdminLoginController.php

and paste code:

7. go to config/auth.php and paste

8..Route file web route

9. create => views/admin/layouts/app.blade.php

10.create => views/admin/dashboard.blade.php

11.create views/admin/auth/login.blade.php

paste this

12.create views/admin/auth/register.blade.php

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Complte ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Source /Courtesy J. Alexander Curtis .Many many thanks dear.

5.4.* multi-auth by J. Alexander Curtis

5.5.* multi-auth by Mostafa Kamal

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