The most useful php composer commands

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Composer is dependency manager for php package. PHP developers are known about packagist and composer.

Most used php composer commands that will be helpful for you.

# require

require is the most used command

composer require vendor-name/package-name
// global purpose | local machine
composer require global vendor-name/package-name

~ specific version

composer require "vendor-name/package-name:vX.X.X"
composer require "vendor-name/package-name:2.1.0"

# show

show command return all package name from your project

composer show

# outdated

you can see all outdated package, which package hasn’t the latest version

composer outdated

# update

update command updates all outdated commands

composer update

~ update specific package

composer update vendor-name/package-name

~ update global package

composer global update vendor-name/package-name
# example
composer global update laravel/installer

# remove

remove command remove php package from your project

composer remove vendor-name/package-name

# install

install command first create a composer.lock if not exists composer.lock file. composer lock file contains composer.json all package with version. then install those packages.

composer install

# init

init command create your package.json schema with some arguments.

composer init

# dump-autoload

autoload is the most important command. This command adds class, alias, provider etc inside vendor’s composer folder.

composer dump-autoload

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