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Tinker with the Data ( laravel )

are you familiar to the word tinker ?
Basically tinker helps you to read quickly from database & insert , delete data . Laravel artisan’s tinker is a repl (read-eval-print loop). A repl translates to read-eval-print-loop, and it is an interactive language shell. It takes in a single user input, evaluates it, and returns the result to the user.

php artisan tinker

You can create seeder with tinker ~~seeding details


you can read all users


If you want users count


Inser New User

$user = new App\User;
$user->name = "Hello laravel";
$user->email = "hello@hellolaravel.com";
$user->password = Hash::make('password');

Delete any user

$user = App\User::find(1);

Stay with Hello Laravel

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