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Writing is very good for the soul.

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7 min readFeb 1, 2023


Writing is very good for the soul. We can be at peace with self if we write useful content online for people to consume.

The gut to write is not for all. Because we wouldn’t want people to start tagging us. This thing you wrote online. Is it really happening in your life? Some would ask if you were married when you wrote something related to How Men are Being Abused by Women in Human Relationship.

A lot is happening around us day by day. Problem is inevitable.

Some of us have lost our job. To some their job lost them. When we lost jobs, life become unbearable. Looking for someone to share our personal pain with would be very scarce. We have loan to pay back. Bank has threatened to act on us. Our landlord is not smiling. Even in the face of no job, he has increased the house rent. What should we do? How do I get myself out of this situation? Sometimes life can be hard. But one thing remains, Though Times Never Lat. Tough People Do.

Life can strike men at any time in life. The life crisis is not something that is peculiar to one person. every great leader you are seeing today have had their own life drama, issues and challenges.

The hard time you are passing through would reveal yourself to yourself. There is joy in every pain. Just keep moving.

In my hard time. Begging for money from someone is really a big issue. But we just must reach out to people that would support us.

In the days of me not being in a full time job. I attempted to beg for money from people that I have known in the past. Some blocked me from their WhatsApp. While some has stopped to pick my calls.

Some of my colleagues neglected me and girlfriends that I have had. If a girl friend can leave you in your hard time. A woman called your wife would do same.

Hard times when reflected on can be so funny. Men skipped launch. Men pretending all is well on the physical while inside of us we are crying and busy sweating.

I walk a long distance when I had no transport. Because what options do I have. It’s either I beg or sell some valuables or steal for TP. So best option is to trek. And seeing people happy with this hardship.

I look at my pictures while I was under the AC back in the days. I smile. I don’t feel too bad. Because I know that this too shall pass some days.

Nobody knows you when you down. People only noticed your joy and not the pain.

Getting your self out of difficult situation would involve change of thinking. Be it you are a man or woman. It is very turf when you are also dealing with Toxic Kind of Relationship. This is going to determine how strong you are. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

We can use Content to communicate difficult topics in our life. What shall those thought that we refuse to share profit us? Many men has load to share. But no one to speak with. If you cannot write. Share.

I misplaced my phone last year at exact time when I needed to settle my house rent. Family and Friends really supported me. I got a remote job that lasted few months that also aid me. All in all. I must tell you all that God is Great! It is The Grace and Mercy of God that can help us out of every challenges.

I have learnt to fight many of my life battles not just on my feet but also on my knee. If learn not to give up when life is hard. You shall scale through. But there at times you need to give up. Learn to know what is worth giving up on before it hurt you. Just listen to Him.

I look at everything that is happening around me. I see people that couldn’t feed themselves and family 3 times daily. I appreciate those whose husband and or wife has maturity of coping with hardship.

There are women that weren’t raised to cope or bear with hardship. The moment their husband didn’t provide adequately. They either bang or knock on the door as they stepped out. Some would expose their man to public so that the community should know the weak side of the family. While some make it viral by making phone calls telling people they haven’t eating. The worst is when you see the woman giving her body in exchange for funds.

Life is hard. But that is not God’s plan. The plan He has for us is abundance.

If you think you are the only person passing through hard times. You might need to hear other people stories.

I have heard countless of stories of strong men in my circle that has lost it all. They lost their jobs and even all their investment. Not surprising, they lost their woman to another man. While a man is busy to overcome challenges. The woman is busy looking for replacement and doing promiscuity.

The cure for poverty is work. And I don’t know if it is hard work or smart work. Just work. Keep moving as a man. Do not stay on the bed unless you are making money there. And do not work in public aimlessly. Have a purpose. Work towards your goals, plan, and aspiration.

I like to coach people facing hard time. I have gone days without toothpaste. I have gone days without eating. I skipped launch and breakfast. My dinner is to lie down on the floor and press my phones.

I was raised to move with the flow. What comes come. What goes go. I wasn’t raised to be extravagant with food or wait for meat before I could eat. I have work and hustle inside the sun even at a tender age.

When some men feel the hit is when they have a woman. And or kids in addition. When the income you are earning cannot feed self.

Many men cannot go home without a black nylon or leather.

Depending on how she was being raised. Some women would not even greet you if you came out empty handed. That is not the kind of women a man should marry. But that is how many of them behave. The moment you were able to buy some item home they would call you sir.

But it is the duty of every man to provide and sacrifice for the family. Do these and expect no praise or returns. But it would become worst to find out that the woman you are hustling for inside the hot sun is sleeping around! That is when men cannot hold back their anger. But real men. I mean Alpha Men can bear this internal locust of control, personal judgement and long way range of punishing human.

Struggle, pain, women, career, gossip, enemy, borrowed thinking and society. Men must act fast to get things right in their life.

There are better ways of expression. AI cannot write my stories. Neither can AI does same for you. Our life is in our hand. The decision we make shapes us. We regret. We pained. We still forge ahead.

To everyone reading this. Be creative with your problems. Create a website where you can open an online coaching program. Create a blog where you can share your thought and share them online. Do you know how many people that would views my write up? Do you know what it translates to? That means I am impacting so many. Open a Guidance and Counseling outfit where you can use or share your problem with others while you make living out of it. Make fun of yourself. Smile at your own challenges. Do not be afraid to use the word I. even as I am talking to you, I haven’t shaved my bears in a while. Common that is life. It is my problem and not theirs.

I have assisted people that I haven’t met. People that relates with my blog. I have done free and paid consulting for them. The ups and don that I have in my career. My life challenges and much more.

Every problem can be solved. Every problem has a solution. It takes only a minutes to change your life. If you believe this. Please share.

The moment you make content out of your own life problem. You would get relieved. The doctor don’t need you. Because Cardiac arrest is of the killer in men. I work in the health care in the past. Most men complain of cardiovascular diseases. And this are heart related. So if you like yourself a trusted friend. If don’t have hire a writer or counselor. Come online and share what is bordering you. Or set a recorder and voice your pain. You can even do a video whereby you self-record your challenges. All these can be monetized. Or you can do it to help humanity.

We will succeed.