Never Will I Ever (Again)

Sometimes we need a manifesto to move on and break cycles.

Crystal Jackson
Hello, Love


Photo by Gokil on Unsplash

I’d like to say that I don’t have regrets, that I just have learning experiences, but that’s not entirely true. Some experiences cause enough pain that they necessitate a lifetime of healing. But these days, I do look for the opportunities inside my challenges, and if I make mistakes, at least I no longer make the same ones.

The game Never Have I Ever never really interested me. There’s always been so much I’ve wanted to do, and I feel like the first part of my life was a little boring. I got a late start on my personal bucket list. But I started thinking that I’ve had some experiences I never want to repeat again. Maybe I learn everything the hard way, but I am learning.

Never Will I Ever (Again) isn’t a game. It’s a mantra, a manifesto, and a fierce declaration of personal independence. It’s a note to self on days when our resolve weakens or when we’re tempted to repeat patterns. It’s a reminder of how strong we are, how much we’ve survived, and how we’ll choose to live.

  • Never will I ever (again) ride shotgun in my own life instead of being the one to call the shots.
  • Never will I ever (again) sit down to eat at a table where my presence isn’t welcome, only tolerated.