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Open Your Heart With A Love Letter

Love can be made in handwritten words.

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My earliest recollection of what love letters were was when I watched Tom and Chérie, the third in the four Mouseketeeters series of the classic Tom & Jerry cartoon reruns on television. In the short, the messenger, Nibbles, delivered love letters, respectively written by both Jerry and his love interest, back and forth to each other while trying to avoid a fight with Tom.

Throughout my existence, I thought love letters just consisted of fluffy, corny, and cheesy romantic lines to woo your love interest closer. I remember writing a poetic handwritten message for a friend in grammar school to give to his lady friend whom I never met, and while their courtship was short-lived, it worked like a charm. Later in life, I found that penning a love letter is much deeper, especially in an already established relationship. It can also be gifted at any part of the year and does not have to conform to Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas or any other holiday.

By today’s standards, crafting and decorating words of affection on stationeries has become a lost art, and is without a doubt a slow, outdated, and old fashioned practice. With a myriad of texts, e-mails, voice memos, videos, chats, and photos at our fingertips, it is easier to instantly send messages of devotion to a recipient, and immediately receive an emotional response, but there is nothing like a romance written down on paper.

A love letter is so much more than your admiration and appreciation for the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual interaction with your significant other. It is beyond the consistent sharing of joy, laughter, and happiness. It is even bigger than the little details of why they mean to you as well as the reflection of the past, the gift of the present moment, and plans for the future.

You are bringing the words in those pages to life by stating your fears, insecurities, and failures. You are revealing your vulnerabilities to someone who you deem worthy of your most intimate thoughts. You are also being open and honest with your feelings, and solidifying an authentic connection built between two people in a loving and caring relationship.

A handwritten letter is not only personal, but it is tangible. While it still requires thought to type on the phone or computer, adding a human element in the composition by taking the time to pour your heart and soul out, that your partner normally does not hear, in written form is romantic in and of itself. Let’s face it, even uttering a romantic phrase or a few face to face, or having a heart to heart discussion, is amorous, and gets the point across, but memories will deceive us over time whereas a love letter can last a lifetime.



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