The 6 Feet & 6 Figure Requirement Is Unrealistic

Liliana Andrino
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3 min readMar 3, 2023


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There’s been some online talk lately about how American women have unrealistic standards when it comes to the men they date. Apparently, there’s the “6 feet & 6 figure requirement.”

Men who are at least six feet tall and who make six figures.

It seems a little silly to put it as a requirement, but it’s probably more of wishful thinking + type than anything else. A little bit like the hourglass figure women were supposed to have or for them to always smile when told for men to like them.

Yet most men marry “real” women, not lingerie models with the personalities of sales personnel. Requirement? Not quite.

But height is more common than handsome faces and attractive proportions. In this brave, new world of gig economies where anyone with a cell phone can make a living on YouTube, that six-figure requirement, silly as it may sound, isn’t entirely unrealistic.

And these days, the average American woman simply wants to get married — if even that — and doesn’t need to find a husband like her grandmother did back in the day.

Short of giving up on the idea of finding a wife and settling down with a family of your own someday, what are you, Joe Average, supposed to do?

The same thing people find works whenever life seems unfair. Focus on what you can control.

No, you may not be six feet tall, and if you’re over 20, that’s unlikely to change.

But you’re likely to find women who are shorter than you are who can make you feel like you’re six feet tall.

No, you’re not going to be making six figures right away. Or any time in the near future.

But you can find a way to live so your paycheck can make a significant dent on your daily budget.

And, no, you’re not Mr. Popularity in the dating scene in your area.

So consider going somewhere else.

You can go on vacation and use your dating app there. It may not be a guaranteed way of meeting your future wife, but if you go to the right place, your confidence in your own romantic appeal can be rejuvenated. That can make a big difference.

If you’re tired of dealing with the competition and general flakiness of dating apps altogether, you might consider international dating instead.

Or, and this is just an idea, you can just stop dating for a while. Just take a vacation from the dating game. Give yourself time to breathe and just do the things that you enjoy. The things that make you feel like you’re a tall hero type with all the money you need.

Even better. You can spend that dating break with people who make you feel like you are a requirement for their happiness.

Dating isn’t all that different from any other relationships you form in life, like friendships and work connections. Sometimes, you really have to grow into the right person first for the right ones to gravitate toward you.

And other times, you have to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right intentions.

Or you can do all of the above for maximum efficacy.

It’s not unrealistic to believe in your potential.



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