Hello, Love
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Hello, Love

The Time I Met a Guy at the Bus Station

Photo by TAHA AJMI on Unsplash

He was sitting across the room from us. He was waiting for his next bus to take him to his destination as we waited for our bus to Lexington. I admired his square chiseled jawline as he stared intently into what looked like a small book. My friend corrected me and said it was his phone but I didn’t have my glasses on me so I couldn’t tell from far away from where we were sitting. I said he still looked intelligent.




Love changes us. Love makes us human.

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Rosa de Saron C.

Rosa de Saron C.

I’m just a writer with a story. I enjoy art, photography, psychology, and travel. You can follow my creative journey at thecreativejourney.substack.com

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