This is my first email interview, and I talked about my life, business, and journey so far

Don’t run after money, give your 100% in the right place, do what you love, and money will follow.

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“The ultimate goal of my life is to travel the world” — Inu Etc. Photo by Inu Etc
“The ultimate goal of my life is to travel the world” — Inu Etc. Photo by Inu Etc

Two days ago, I received an email from Titiksha Dogra, a 16-year-old aspiring entrepreneur who read my articles on Medium.

Here are some excerpts from her email:

Hello there!

I’m presuming your name is Inu, so hi Inu!

I am a teenager who is extremely interested in knowing more about entrepreneurship, business, investing, and all of that good stuff, and your content is just perfect for that.

I am basically writing this email to know a little more about you because your story and articles seem very interesting to me and so that I can have an idea of what I should expect on my journey to becoming a millionaire.

Then she asked 13 amazing questions. (You can read the full interview below)

At last, I would just like to make one remark Inu, that what you’re doing is incredible! Only some people have the courage to get outside of their comfort zones and make something out of their life. I want to thank you for taking out time to actually answer these questions for me and I just want to say that stay GOLDEN, you’re amazing and one day you’ll make it BIG!!!

Here’s the full interview:

Titiksha Dogra — First of all, I want you to tell me a little about yourself, your name, age, hobbies, interests, businesses, etc

Inu Etc — Yeah, my name is Inu and I’m known as Inu Etc. I chose Inu Etc because it is short and easy to remember, the domain name ( was available, and the username (@inuetc) was available on every social media platform. In addition, it’s like a brand name. I’m a one-person business. Basically, I am a brand. LOL.

I’m twenty years old. There are many things I like to do such as traveling, writing, reading books (I read everything, fiction, nonfiction, Hindi, English, Bengali, and Assamese) gardening. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music.

I have multiple websites and blogs, and now I’m co-founding a web-hosting company with a business friend of mine.

In the past, I co-founded a web design agency with two friends from Mumbai, but currently, we’re working individually. There are many ideas I have, and I will be experimenting with them in the upcoming years.

In December 2020, I founded Zillion Media, and I had a team as well. Once I move to another city with my best friend, I’ll rebrand Zillion Media.

Titiksha Dogra — What was your turning point in life?

Inu Etc — The year was 2013, and I was studying at JNV (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya), a boarding school. For me, it was a whole new world. I gained a lot of knowledge about a variety of topics, career opportunities, and the power of the internet.

It was my dream to travel the world.

So, I searched on Google for “how to travel the world for free”.

Through reading various blogs, I learned about online businesses, blogging, and freelancing, and realized that in order to travel the world full-time, I must earn money online.

Then I started learning and eventually, I started working online.

Titiksha Dogra — What inspired you to get on board with this business?

Inu Etc — The ultimate goal of my life is to travel the world. It is my goal to earn the money I need to support my family and travel the world. It is my goal that motivates me to work on this business.

I also enjoy doing this kind of business. Writing, creating videos, the internet, technology, money (we all love it), entrepreneurship, and businesses are some of my favorite things.

It is easy to see how travel is directly related to my business if you carefully examine my work.

Titiksha Dogra — What were some challenges that you faced when you first decided to start your own business?

Inu Etc — Neither money nor support nor resources were available. With limited funds and lots of risks, I started in 2019. I knew I was on the right track, and I would do something better soon. In addition, I had no friends in the industry, and I was completely alone. It was hard, but I was prepared, thanks to my self-learning nature and the resources available on the internet.

Titiksha Dogra — Was it hard to quit school?

Inu Etc — Nope, not from my end. The school wasn’t built for me, I was sure. I had a hard time convincing my parents, but they eventually agreed after seeing my dedication to my work.

Titiksha Dogra — What does a typical day in your life look like?

Inu Etc — While I find it interesting every day, other people may find it boring when I do not travel. In the morning, I check emails, and I work whenever I want. At home, I don’t follow a strict routine.

Usually, I don’t live at home. I’m at home and not working much since I had an accident in November 2022. I’m fine now and ready to move to a new place.

I will soon move with my friend and I will try to follow a routine as I must work on my other ideas and my fitness, as well as travel frequently.

Titiksha Dogra — Where do you see yourself 7 years in the future?

Inu Etc — Working with a talented team and traveling the world full-time.

I will produce documentaries, and travel videos, and take part in some great adventure trips.

Also, I would like to scale and automate my one-person business so that 90% of the tasks can be handled by my team.

Additionally, I will do my best to educate and inspire young people. It will be my pleasure to help them as well as to create opportunities for them.

Work smart, earn passively, do what you love — that’s my motto.

I’ll give my 100% now, let’s see what happens in the future.

Titiksha Dogra — How do you deal with hate?

Inu Etc — It’s still a learning process for me. I try to ignore hate, but sometimes it really affects me. It hurts me, but that’s how we learn. Although I love constructive criticism, I don’t give a damn about my haters anymore. Since I now know that haters just like to spread negativity, I don’t respond to them anymore.

Titiksha Dogra — Who or What is your biggest motivation?

Inu Etc — Travel. LOL.

My goal — is to lead a life that allows me to do whatever I want.

My supporters and people like you who love my work are my biggest motivators.

Additionally, I want to do something for people, and I’m still figuring out what I can do, but all these things really motivate me.

Titiksha Dogra — How did you decide that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Inu Etc — Answers to this question may be found in my above answers.

In the beginning, I started working on online businesses so that I could travel the world.

I realized that only internet entrepreneurship can help me achieve my goals. During the process of learning new skills, I also discovered how much I enjoy this kind of work. Therefore, I decided to continue working.

At the moment, I am just going with the flow, doing things because I love them.

Titiksha Dogra — What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

Inu Etc — As I said before, I am still a beginner and I am still learning.

Yes, I have learned a lot, and one thing I’ve learned is to never depend (financially or emotionally) on people because people change and it’s not a good idea to depend on people.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, being financially independent and learning basic life skills are the most important things you can do for yourself.

Another thing is that we only have one life, so live it the way you want and do what you love.

Titiksha Dogra — What are some things you would recommend to me, who wants to do big things in life?

Inu Etc — Read.

Learn new skills.

Don’t run after money, give your 100% in the right place, do what you love, and money will follow.

The idea of being a millionaire doesn’t appeal to me. Someday, if my work makes me a millionaire, I won’t have any problems, but the main goal of my life is to be happy.

Take care of yourself.

Titiksha Dogra — (Any last words for me) Anything else you want to tell me or would want me to know…

Inu Etc — I think the above answers are sufficient for now.

I’m always available to help you with your questions. Whenever you have questions, feel free to contact me.

After I sent her the interview, she replied as follows:

Immense Thank You’s!!!!

I loved reading your responses and now I’m even more confident in my decision of wanting to be an entrepreneur and financially independent, all thanks to you. It was indeed very inspiring to learn your story and I hope that your business prospers into the future to the highest levels!! Thank you again for answering my questions. I would totally love to collaborate with you one day when I have an established career path in business.



This was a private interview, but I published it on Medium because people ask me these questions all the time, so next time I can just share the link.

Having the chance to share some secrets with someone who was completely unknown to me was an amazing experience (we now know each other and this is our first public collaboration) and I’m glad she loved it.

Thanks for reading this article. 💚

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