Why Women In Their 30s Are “Undatable” — According to Men

Another hot-button perspective.

Ariana E.
Hello, Love


Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

A good friend of mine happens to be a one-percenter.

Good looking. Financially well-off. Reasonably center-left leaning. Over six feet tall. Personality with a great sense of humor.

The whole kit and caboodle.

The only caveat is he’s now middle-aged and, despite dating many women, he hasn’t been able to find one worth marrying.

Last time we spoke about the topic, he broke it down for me like this:

Women in their 20s are too young and immature.

There’s a reason why 30s are still single.

The 40s are already divorced with three kids.

The 50s are too old to start a family.

Let’s focus on the 30s for a second.

Are women in their 30s really the “leftovers”? The ones who didn’t get snatched up in their 20s because, for one reason or another, they weren't marriage material?

I would certainly like to think not. But whenever I speak to men, there tends to be a stigma about women in this age group.

“Women in their 30s are entitled and set in their ways.”



Ariana E.
Hello, Love

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