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Ready, Set, Network, Pitch

HelloMary was a popular tech offering at the ICBC in Berlin at the end of August

The team was out in force at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin last week. CEO and cofounder Ziya Gaziyev spoke several times — once during the Investors Forum and then during a panel discussion — cannabis and emerging technology.

The interest was robust — as were the conversations afterwards. This is what we learned during the conference.

There is no holding back the global industry

No matter the issues and problems, one thing is clear. It is going to take more than a global pandemic to stop the industry from moving forward and networking if not doing business. Companies from all over the world — from every country in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and of course Canada and the United States descended on Berlin last week.

HelloMary was a unique offering that interested everyone. The combination of AI and voice assistance is a unique one.

Offers of assistance — from funding to helping us connect with dispensaries — was legion.

More than everything, the industry respects entrepreneurial bravery and new offerings.

HelloMary was right at home.

There is nothing like the ICBC to bring the B2B cannabiz together.

The industry needs new tech plays

Regulation, compliance, and legalization are still at the front of everyone’s radar — in part because the entire cannabis universe continues to shift. One of the most intransigent fronts is marketing and sales. While companies get creative about shifting product, however, there are still major barriers to efficient customer journeys.

Consumers still need help finding the right products — and companies still need help in finding them.

Optimizing the customer journey is what HelloMary is all about.

Seeing old friends and making new ones

Networking is one of the most important aspects of the industry. But beyond that?

The industry is searching for new ways to enter markets — beyond the legitimization of any one company or effort. There are major regulatory and market hurdles that every company must overcome.

HelloMary is a new company on the horizon — but everyone at the conference was interested and intrigued — beyond just the fact that we are using two new types of technology that have not been used before in this industry.

The company is also trying something really new — namely beginning its creative life in Germany with plans to roll out in the United States by the fourth quarter of this year.

Onwards with the plan

With one investor committed and a home dispensary in the United States on board, the team is now finalizing new pitches and reaching out to new contacts.

Our journey is just beginning. Stay tuned. More to come.



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Marguerite Arnold

Marguerite Arnold


Marguerite has covered the legal cannabis industry internationally from Germany for over six years and is the author of several books plus a Cannatech geek