I Need Your Help Adding To The National Refugee Resettlement Agency Database

I receive an email every single day from people who ask how they can get involved locally with refugees in their own community.

I really wanted to be able to point people in the right direction so each time I look online (ok I google it) and then share a bunch of links and ideas. It’s hard because I never could find one list that had all of the refugee resettlement agencies that I could point people to and also I was finding all of this useful information and didn’t know what to do with it.

How hard could it be, I thought, to have one master database?

At first, I thought I would create it myself, gather all the places I could find and write a Medium post about it. When I started the research I immediately felt overwhelmed. This would be like creating a list of the soup kitchens around the country from scratch. A big undertaking. My second thought was that I could crowdsource it. If I could find a way to make a public database that anyone could add or edit and that way everyone could find their own information in their own city.

That is what I decided to do. The database is now live. I’ve shared this within my circles on social media and in emails and it’s grown to over 200 organizations in under 2 weeks!

Here’s where you come in. You live in Denver, Seattle, Wichita, Atlanta, Miami and in other cities and states all over the country. You know what is happening locally better than I do.

My ask to help me help you. If you know a refugee resettlement agency or a nonprofit that works with refugees or immigrants, please consider taking a minute and adding them to this list. Or if you’re looking for a place locally to contact, check it out and see if there is a place listed where you live locally.

THE LIST → Local Agencies To Help Refugees and Immigrants: A public spreadsheet from @sloane.

Screenshot of the database

I’m also open to feedback on how to make it better, more actionable, and more useful for everyone. Any ideas, please email me mail(at)sloanedavidson.com and let me know.

Yours In Solidarity,