Resources To Support Refugees

Are you horrified yet?

I thought so. President’s Trump’s Executive Order’s (details here) Friday threw the nation into a weekend of protesting, rallies and legal filing to stop what he has started.

Here are current action items you can take that will help. Remember it ALL helps. I know at times we feel useless and like our voices aren’t heard. They are. You never know when something you do will impact a life. That said, it feels like we might be protesting every weekend from here on out so remember to take care of yourselves in addition to standing up for others. While this sure feel like a sprint. it’s also a marathon. #resist

Also this newsletter is focused on IMMEDIATE action, I have a million things to say and share but, like many of you, I’ve been out all weekend protesting, attending workshops, tending to my family and then I also went and checked on a Syrian family in my neighborhood and put together welcome baskets for new refugees and I’m exhausted. So this will be action and another one will be uplifting news (yes, there is some around the milk of human kindness) and another with educational information because as an army we can be knowledgeable to what is going on and share that within our networks.


  • ACLU: They are working overtime to support those who are detained. Almost $20 million was donated to the ACLU this weekend.There are aggressive match campaigns going on from the startup and venture communities which is great to see. If you want to challenge your network to a match read how Joanne Wilson and her husband did it today. It inspired me to give to the ACLU again to receive a match.
  • USA for UNHCR
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Islamic Relief USA
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • International Refugee Assistance Project
  • Other ideas: By no means is this an exhaustive list. If there is a direct service provider where you live, they are scrappy and need the money just as much as these larger international nonprofits. Also look to your local mosque and local legal advocacy groups.

Sign A Petition

Contact Your Members Of Congress

  • Call, email and write your Senator, Congressman, Governor and local/state reps voicing your opinion. Find their information here or here.
  • Make 5 calls a day
  • Know where they stand. An amazing group of people pulled together this list of U.S. Senators along with the comments they have made on the Ban.

Upcoming Airport Protests

  • U.S. airports with upcoming protests
  • Lawyers and Arabic/Farsi translators are still needed at major airports including NYC/DC/LA/SF/Dallas. Contact your local ACLU chapter.
  • Any cases of immigrants or refugees being detained should be reported to Mac or Steve at IRAP: and

Most importantly USE YOUR VOICE. Talk with your kids, teachers at their schools, colleagues, everyone. The more we can have a dialogue the better off we’ll be. Stay informed and to that extent, I’ll keep posting updates as long as you’ll have me.