100 Years of Soda

When I went to the oldest soda shop in Tamil Nadu

Most of us at Quicksand travel quite a bit for work — this year alone the team has completed fieldwork at over a dozen different countries, not to mention a multitude of small towns and cities within India. Sometimes a given trip will be for a couple of days to do a quick immersion, and in some cases we spend more time — all this depends on the context and what we need from the field.

For someone like me, it’s always exciting going to new places; meeting people and trying local food. At the end of every visit, we usually come back with a ton of imagery and notes to tell a compelling story, which eventually leads to ideas and concepts. However, not all the stories get captured in the process and some of it stays in our dropbox folders. This is an attempt to share some of these stories from our field visit.

This story is about a 75-year-old cool drinks shop we came across in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu during a trip to Madurai and Cochin.