HelloSugoi at the State of Digital Money

On Saturday, July 22nd at Cross Campus in downtown Los Angeles, Angello and I sponsored our first event.

Alan Tse, founder of Cureativ, approached us at a Meetup we host back in April. He asked if we could sell tickets to his event, in addition to providing entertainment for the afterparty. We thought it a perfect first use case for our platform, not to mention an amazing opportunity to showcase our product to the crypto community at large.

Fast forward 4 months — we launched an alpha version of our product, and became the first company in the world to sell a ticket on the Ethereum blockchain.

As you can see, we’ve invested in some seriously dope company swag. No startup is complete without custom t-shirts and a slick banner, am I right?!

We really like zippers. According to my stylist, it’s all the rage right now.

This dude’s shirt is lit.

One of the best parts of conferencing is getting to connect with people you don’t get to see often. With my dude Jesse Grushack of UjoMusic.

Got to meet and hang with E.G. Galano, Founder and Chief Infrastructure Engineer of INFURA.

With the man himself, Eric Chung, Founder of the DApperNetwork.

Really cool to see our logo on the big screens.

Our afterparty kicked off with a performance by The Rusty Boys. These guys killed it.

We closed out the night with a performance by the venerable Zane Witherspoon. This dude slays on so many levels. Great to have him in LA down from SF.

All in all an amazing day. The first of many successful events to come. Stay tuned as we continue our mission to decentralize event ticketing.

If interested in selling tickets to your event, please contact us at: info@hellosugoi.com