Real World Blockchain: Digital Advertising!!

In March of 2017, Angello and I, founders of HelloSugoi, began hosting a blockchain Meetup at Cross Campus in downtown Los Angeles.

Our goal is to raise awareness and educate the community about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

On Monday 5/1, we hosted the first in a series of “Real World Blockchain” Meetups focused on discussing applicable use cases for this revolutionary technology.

To kick things off, we invited the folks at MetaX/adChain.

MetaX is leveraging blockchain to eliminate fraud and increase transparency in the digital advertising space.

From MetaX:

Fraud in digital advertising is an $8 billion per year problem that has plagued the sector for nearly two decades. We will be talking through the attributes of blockchain that make it an ideal solution for this problem, and real-world examples of how companies are unlocking blockchain’s potential to transform the advertising industry.

Raleigh Harbour began by providing some background about digital advertising.

Next up, CTO James Young educated the group about blockchain.

Lastly, CEO Ken Brooks spoke about how MetaX is revolutionizing the digital advertising space. According to Ken, “blockchain is the upgrade advertising needs.”

Here’s Ken and I fielding questions. The discussion was engaging, as always.

After the Meetup, Raleigh, Ken, Angello, and I discussed the future of blockchain over a few beers. It was a passionate conversation that only acted to reinforce our belief that blockchain is a social movement that will change the world for the better.