The Art of Self-Quantification

FRICKbits is a self-quantification iOS app that reveals the art hidden within your daily patterns.

The result of a collaboration between thirteen23 and data artist Laurie Frick, FRICKbits (available for free in the App Store) tracks your everyday movements, expressing them as unique and personal data portraits.

A sample of Laurie’s watercolors which served as inspiration for the project.

thirteen23 established the strategy, framework, user interface, and branding behind FRICKbits, while also working to digitally reproduce Laurie’s unique style of physical artwork.

A custom algorithm that deciphers the patterns from your travels paired with dozens of finely-tuned color palettes makes the app a highly customizable and personal experience.

To mimic the dynamic nature of the software, we also created an extensible color palette for FRICKbits’ logo and identity.

Quick sample of our dynamic identity and branding for FRICKbits.
Art on the street!

You can download FRICKbits for free from the App Store. We’d love to hear about your experience.

Happy trails!


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We’re happy to announce FRICKbits was a finalist at IxDA’s 2015 Interaction Awards in the Expressing category.

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