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Ringing in the New Year(s)

We wanted to give a gift to our friends and clients to help ring in the new year. As a digital agency, we don’t often get to work in print, so we thought it’d be fun to create a limited-edition poster. We didn’t know we were starting a tradition!

Year One

We chose a quote commonly attributed to American computer scientist Alan Kay that we felt perfectly summed up the goals of thirteen23 for the upcoming year.

Year Two

After spending an entire week in 2012 rolling posters, stuffing mailing tubes, and standing in line at the post office, I don’t think anyone here would have expected to want to do it all over again 12 months later. But we just couldn’t help ourselves! We’re suckers for a well-designed poster with a positive message.

Our 2013 poster centered around a similarly organic pattern and one of our favorite Walt Disney quotes. This time around, though, our designers didn’t get to have all the fun; we also produced a web version to match the shimmery poster and a bubble generator because hey — we’re a digital agency. That’s what we do.

Year Three

We decided to round out the set as a trilogy. For our third and final poster, we chose our thirteen23 yellow and a quote attributed to Muriel Strode.

The Set

All together, we feel like the posters are a pretty good summary of what’s inspired us these last few years. Here’s to starting a new tradition for 2016!

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Thoughts and experiments from the team at thirteen23, a digital experience agency in Austin, Texas.

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