Laurie Frick Installation

A data portrait of thirteen23

An organization is more than the sum of its individuals. It’s an ever-shifting interpersonal dynamic created and sustained day by day, moment by moment, interaction by interaction. thirteen23’s new installation by data artist Laurie Frick aims to capture our company’s co-created collaborative essence.

As a visitor entering our wide and airy lobby, you are greeted with thousands of colorful laminate tiles raining down from ceiling to floor. This cheerful mosaic is both instantly appealing and personally meaningful to those of us who work here — it’s a data portrait composed from our daily interactions.

The more than 6,500 small tiles represent one month of thirteen23’s internal HipChat sessions. The tiles are color-coded by sender, and arranged horizontally by hour sent and vertically by length of message. Viewed as a whole, the tiles tell a story of how we at thirteen23 interact as teams — there is variety and consistency, ebbs and flows, quiet moments and times of frenetic activity — just like a day at work!

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