Ethos 10: Creating a voice app for Google Home

Jul 11 · 3 min read

Event summary

In honor of thirteen23’s 10th Ethos event, we took back the spotlight and hosted a free Voice Design workshop, presented by our own designers and developers at thirteen23.

The Google Assistant has a lot of great functionality, but wouldn’t it be better to customize it just for you, some friends, or even the whole world?

In this Ethos workshop, we teach Ethos attendees how to create their own Google Assistant Action. We cover best practices for conversational design and walk through all the steps necessary to build an Action. The best part? No coding experience is necessary!

About the speakers

Tom Hudson

Tom has over 15 years directing and architecting client/server technologies. At thirteen23, he leads the technology team and helps ensure development success for clients such as Visa, Experian, and Bose. When not working, Tom can be found spending time with his family and playing drums in the band San Saba.

Laura Levisay

Laura is a senior designer at thirteen23, leading design and strategy projects for a variety of clients, including Honeywell, Dell, Visa, and Experian. She specializes in large systems, interaction design and animation, and UI prototyping. Laura also recently took a solo hiking trip to the Grand Canyon.

Max Wade

Max is a software developer at thirteen23, specializing in iOS, Android, and web development for clients like HP, Edgewater, and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Max moonlights as the conductor of Newt Beach Studios, an Austin-based game development shop.

Morgan Gerber

Morgan is a senior designer at thirteen23, designing experiences, software, and products for clients like Bose, HP, Visa, Dell, and Experian. She also has experience in advertising, editorial, and video production, and she’s recently spun up a successful side business painting small pet portraits.

Ethos is a speaker series designed to connect the minds of artists, designers, and those in the tech industry. Our audience includes career professionals, students, and educators who share an interest in learning more about design, data, and the social implications of technology. Visit our YouTube Channel for more talks!

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The Garage

Thoughts and experiments from the team at thirteen23, a digital product studio in Austin, Texas.


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We are a digital product studio in Austin, TX. We bridge the space between art and science to build intelligent software.

The Garage

Thoughts and experiments from the team at thirteen23, a digital product studio in Austin, Texas.

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