The stage is waiting for you… Photo credit : Arthur Distel

4 startups share their best advice to new applicants for the Deeptech Global Challenge

It’s the last stretch as the closing date for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is fast approaching! On September 14th 2018, all applications will be made and the judging part will begin… Exciting times ahead.

But don’t panic, there is still some time left, and we’ve got your back! First of, here’s the link to apply. Phew, you’re welcome.

Jokes aside, we reached out to 4 finalists from the 2017 edition for their advice, and awesome as they are, they delivered.

Here are some insider’s tips on how to make your application stand out with a little help from our friends Sunogel, Sterblue, Off Grid Box and Elektrofi. Shout-outs to them for taking the time to pass on their knowledge!

Tip 1: The problem is part of the solution

This one is a bit counter-intuitive as applicants are often super eager to share their solution. But to make an excellent application, you have to explain the problem first.

Elektrofi suggests going straight to the point.

“ The key is making the problem big and clear. Focus on a brief message where you sell the problem. Then share how you are solving the problem.”

After all, our challenge is not about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about solving the most significant challenges of today by inventing the technologies of tomorrow.

Off Grid box goes even further.

“You should define your technological solution according to the impact it will have”.

Tip 2: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

We know. That’s rich coming from us as our application form is fairly detailed (but trust us, you’ll thank us in the longrun). Despite the detailed questions, there really isn’t much point writing in 60 words what you could say in 40. Save your draft, wait a day (but only one day, because the deadline September 14th!) and come back to it and trim, trim, trim. Heed Sunogel’s words of advice here.

“Be straightforward and make the application easy to understand to anyone, no matter what background they may have”.

Bear in mind that our jury will go through several hundreds of applications. Yours will stand out if you cut the chase and get straight to the point.

Tip 3: Be a believer

As cheesy as it may sound, believe. It makes sense though. Doesn’t matter how many competitors there are out there. Doesn’t matter how daunting the endeavour of creating a world-changing technology may seem. You gotta believe in your own solution.

You want to convince the jury? You are your first judge! Be 100% convinced that your solution is truly extraordinary. As Sterblue wisely said:

“The goal is to prove that you have the technology or product that is really gonna change the game and that you are definitely the best team to do the job!”

It’s up to you now!

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