Deeptech innovation is happening in all corners of the globe and Hello Tomorrow is here to help discover it!

Deep tech outside the Valley: 9 innovative startups from around the globe

Pop quiz! How many countries are recognized by the UN in 2018? We know, it’s a tough one. The right answer is 193 member states and 2 observers so, in total, 195.

Now, even harder, have a guess. During last year’s Global Challenge, we received applications from around the world. How many countries were represented among the applicants?

If you guessed 110, you’re right! (although we have absolutely no clue how you did it!)

And yet, if you think about deeptech startups, the most common image that comes to mind is one of the Silicon Valley, drenched in sunlight and buzzing with excitement. While this is true, at Hello Tomorrow, we see innovation cropping up in almost all corners of the globe.

Some of our startup winners from the past editions of the Challenge are most definitely NOT from the US. So it would seem that the deeptech ecosystem also connects outside the Valley as well. Let’s check in on some them making waves in the world of deeptech!

#1 — United Kingdom

WhiteLab/ Sensio Air: Spring is around the corner bringing sunlight and… Allergies! WhiteLab designed a sleek air-analyser device that targets allergens and pollutants in order to prevent asthma and its symptoms. 2017 was an excellent year for the London-based 2016 winner. Their device won several awards including an Innovation award at CES 2018 in the “Tech for a Better World” category, they launched two apps, and their co-founder was nominated a “30 under 30” by the prestigious MIT. Congrats!

Biocarbon Engineering: Sadly rapidly increasing deforestation is a massive challenge in terms of climate change, ecosystems and our 2016 Grand Winner launched a significant initiative in Myanmar in partnership with UN Environment to plant mangroves by drones. And what a coincidence! They got nominated for the Drone Hero Europe award 2018!

Safetynet Technologies: This startup has invented a light-emitting net to combatover-fishing, one of the biggest challenges in the commercial fishing industry. This original solution won them a “Tech for Good” DigitalAgenda Impact Award 2018, celebrating the best of UK innovation. To top it off, they also won a P.E.A (aka People Environment Achievement) award at the end of 2017 in the Food Category. Well done!

#2 — France

How can we talk about our French Global Challenge winners without congratulating NovaGray, a startup working towards a personalised radiation therapy for cancer treatment. The CEO and co-founder, Clémence Franc recently won the StartHer award, celebrating women in Tech. She was also selected in the MIT 35 under 35 France and NovaGray won the Start&MeetUP prize in 2017 by EmtechFrance. She was able to present her work to the MIT Media Lab last year, and we wish her all the best for 2018!

Another winner from Paris is Sensome. Sure, they were called Instent when they won in 2015 but how far they have come! They recently raised €4.7M, and they’re working relentlessly to bring a perfect balance of AI and remote monitoring technology to improve cardio-vascular devices.

#3 — Germany

Is there a need to introduce Lilium? Our German 2016 Grand Winner made quite a splash with the maiden flight of their all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet, the first of its kind in the world. They most recently won the 2018 Early Stage Company of the Year award at the Global Cleantech 100 Awards produced by CTG (Cleantech Group). In 2017, Lilium’s CEO Daniel Wiegand was recognised by the MIT as 35 Under 35 in Europe. Quite the Vertical take-off indeed ;)

#4 — Netherlands

CocoPallet, a true circular economy champion with its innovative pallets made out of coco wood, thus helping to combat deforestation, just gave us an update on their awesome HTAlumni interview ! Check it out here!

#5 — India

Outside of Europe, India counts two Global Challenge track winners, one of them being also a Grand Winner. Saathi and its biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibers aims at solving the scarcity of feminine hygiene products in India and is now reaching worldwide fame. Meanwhile StringBio leverages methane as a source of carbon to manufacture sustainable proteins.

Other Tracks winners coming from all over the world are in alphabetical order : Archon Dronics (ITALY), Arculus (GERMANY), Blitab (AUSTRIA), Canard Drones (SPAIN), Carbon Analytics (NETHERLANDS), Dracula Technologies (FRANCE), Flyability (SWITZERLAND), GTX Medical (SWITZERLAND), H2GO Power(UK), Padam (FRANCE), Sound Bounce (IRELAND), Skytree (NL), Walk With Path (UK), Watch Live (FRANCE)

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