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Oct. 13–14 2016 — http://www.104.fr/expositions.html

Summer exhibition at LE CENTQUATRE-PARIS

Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS is proud to offer a free exclusive access to its exhibitions during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. Discover a building like no other, “House of One”, an exhibition by the architects Kuehn Malvezzi and “Once upon several times…”, a journey through the book Bible, the founding tales, by Serge Bloch and Frédéric Boyer.

Once upon several times… by Serge Bloch and Frédéric Boyer

A trip through the book Bible, the founding tales, by Serge Bloch and Frédéric Boyer (Bayard Editions, 2016)

From the creation of the world to the Book of Daniel, this immersive exhibition tells the story in images and sounds of the great myths of the Old Testament, through the eyes of the illustrator Serge Bloch and the author Frédéric Boyer. A way of putting at everyone’s reach this founding text of Western culture, shared by the three big monotheist religions.

Since the 1980’s, the illustrator Serge Bloch has used a simple yet expressive style. With a small amount of lines, he brings to life many characters on paper, some of which are well known by children (SamSam). The exhibition Once upon several times… looks into work spanning over several years that he carried out with the author Frédéric Boyer on the Old Testament, a text shared by the three big monotheist religions. In this immersive exhibition, the tales of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Job or Samson and Delilah are told through small and large-scale drawings and cartoons, with texts read by André Dussollier. The voice, as well as the music composed specially by Benjamin Ribolet, accompany the visitor throughout his/her tour of this gallery of characters.

Texts and drawings, also brought together in a book to be published at the end of September entitled Bible, the founding tales, by Bayard Editions, explain without any dogmatism to adults and children alike the founding myths of Western culture. From the creation of the world to the Book of Daniel, we can follow the exile and migration of a people, stories filled with spiritual themes such as loneliness, obedience, suffering, but also forgiveness, love or fraternity. Frederic Boyer was already at the initiative in 2001 of a new translation of the Bible by contemporary authors. This time, he has selected 35 of the biggest stories from the Old Testament, that he recounts in simple and poetic words. In the same way, Serge Bloch’s light-lined drawings, often embellished with coloured segments or more detailed objects, humorously bring them closer to our everyday lives, letting a machine or even the Eiffel tower appear here and there!

The author, the illustrator and the musician explore these stories in a creative way, stories in which speech is enough to create a world. A way of sharing with the younger generations, whilst highlighting a very human faculty: imagination.

Inscribed at the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg in 1978, Serge Bloch followed Claude Lapointe’s illustration classes. He quickly started to draw in publishing and youth press. Over the course of the years, he has built a simple yet expressive style. Today he divides his editorial work between adult and youth press (he is namely the creator of the characters Max and Lili, and SamSam), publishing and communication. He also exhibits his drawings and collaborates on books.

Frédéric Boyer is a writer, translator and publisher. Since 1991, he has been at the initiative of around thirty books, whether they be novels (Inter Book Prize in 1993 for Des choses idiotes et douces, POL editions), essays, poems or translations. His translating work has led him to work on great ancient texts. He directed a new translation of Bible, the founding tales, by contemporary authors (Olivier Cadiot, Jean Echenoz, Florence Delay, Jacques Roubaud, Valère Navarina, etc.) published in 2001 (Bayard Editions).

House of One by Kuehn Malvezzi

Discover a building like no other, “House of One”, an exhibition by the architects Kuehn Malvezzi and “Once upon several times”, a journey through the book Bible, the founding tales, by Serge Bloch and Frédéric Boyer.

24 September > 4 January

Days and opening hours on www.104.fr

The installation of the architects Kuehn Malvezzi at CENTQUATRE-PARIS allows us to discover a building unlike any other. On the floor of the Aubervilliers hall, a full-scale plan allows the visitors to imagine the future House of One, that looks to unite under one roof a synagogue, a mosque and a Christian church at the heart of Berlin, on Petriplatz, on the site of a gothic church founded at the start of the 13th century.

To answer this specific request, the Kuehn Malvezzi proposed an original concept: to build three distinctive places of worship, linked together by a joint room in the centre, that sits on top of the building with its dome and panoramic terrace. This interreligious space of worship and teaching uses significant architectural elements of the three great monotheist religions, whilst enabling encounters and shared events.

As an extension of the public space of the nearby square, House of One makes up a sort of miniature village, that houses many different inhabitants, whilst also being identifiable as a specific entity. Placed in another public space, in CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the version of the project drawn on the floor encourages the circulation of people and ideas, by examining from all sides the conventions of representation, whilst also bringing to mind the game of hopscotch, that consists in throwing a small stone in order to reach the sky. By referring to this game, where boys and girls from all religions play together, the installation simply calls upon exchanges between the different cultures.

The architects Kuehn Malvezzi work essentially with their team on public space and exhibition scenography (Documenta 11, in Cassel, in 2002, the extension of Friedrich Christian Flick’s collection at the contemporary art museum Hamburger Bahnhof, in Berlin in 2004, Julia Stoschek’s show in Dusseldorf, etc.). In 2012, they conceived their first project for a religious building, by winning the international competition with House of One.

Kuehn Malvezzi is the name of a trio of architects founded in 2001 in Berlin, that brings together Simona Malvezzi, Johannes and Wilfried Kuehn. At CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the trio proposes a full-scale plan drawn on the floor of the Aubervilliers hall, that allows us to imagine in a fun way a unique building: House of One, a project that unites under one roof places of worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims, around a central common space.

Kuehn Malvezzi is represented by Solo Galerie, Paris.

“An imam, a rabbi and a vicar have decided to reunite three religions — Islam, Judaism, and Christianity — in the same cultural building called House of One. A historic first on the architectural and conceptual stage.”

Mailys Derville, Glamour

Days and opening hours on www.104.fr

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