Voltaire’s Developer API is now live

We’re thrilled to announce that Voltaire has launched our developer API, available at https://docs.voltaire.cash.

Our mission is to see peer-to-peer electronic cash displace the global financial system. We’re believers in efficiency, and that’s we’ve chosen to base our markets in Bitcoin Cash.

With the deployment of our API, developers and traders can now make programmatic calls to our BTC/BCH market, enjoying the remaining weeks of feeless trading. As we continue to add pairs, we will open Voltaire’s API to more markets, such as Ethereum, GUSD and Litecoin.

Voltaire’s REST API supports cursor-based pagination, multi-level data aggregation and is compliant with the OpenAPI 3.0 standard.

We’ll be announcing new pairs and an exciting integration soon.

Voltaire is an Electronic Cash Exchange built for Bitcoin Cash. We drive adoption and build utility to make daily peer-to-peer electronic cash payments a reality.

Sign up here https://voltaire.cash/signup/start

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” — Voltaire