Sales Companion for Field Sales

Vaibhav Kumar
Apr 3 · 3 min read

Sales demos at a customer site can bring the product alive, enable the sales team to show-and-tell, satiate customers’ need to know more and engage with customers and facilitate family participation.

However, there are challenges with sales demos.

  • How do you demonstrate a product which you physically cannot carry?
  • How do you provide in-depth and consistent information?
  • How do you make it a truly interactive session?

Through Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) technology, we can provide a solution to some of these challenges.

Sales Companion app

It is an app which your sales team will have access to on smartphones. It will have all your products in 3D/digital format. Your sales team can show a virtual version of your product in the real world. The product would be seen as if it is physically present, in real-world proportions and aesthetics.

Laptop seen in the picture above is virtual and not real.

How Does it Help?

Magically Carry your Product Catalog

Your Sales team can demo the full product catalog at a fraction of cost.
There is no need to carry your demo inventory product as everything is available by a touch on the screen. Your products are available at any time, anywhere.

You can demonstrate product operations easily

Immersive and consistent storytelling

The Sales companion solution helps you to define and deliver a consistent sales pitch. You can demonstrate every minute detail of your product, its features and operations, from the top, bottom, back & front.

New products can be launched worldwide instantaneously.

Instant Feedbacks from Customers and Sales Team

It will help get an in-depth understanding of your products, sales team and customers.

Is this for me?

  • Does your product need a demonstration?
  • Do you manufacture a physical product?
  • Do you find it difficult to carry the product?
  • Is your product tech dynamic?

If any of the answers to the above questions is ‘YES’, then sales companion solution can help elevate your business.

How could HelloAR Platform help?

HelloAR is an Extended Reality Platform built for Enterprise Use Cases such as Sales Companion. Our Platform enables you to build solutions at low investment, low risk and zero coding.

Our unique event-driven architecture also enables you to plug the solution to your existing apps and website.

Interested in learning more or pilot, schedule a free demo with us: Contact Us

Learn more about our platform:


Extended Reality Platform

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