7 Reasons Why You Need to Take Pictures of Your Rental Property

Rental Listing Pictures

Taking pictures of your rental property is well worth the time and effort. In this article, we’ll reveal the seven reasons why pictures help your rental business:

#1 Your Rental Listing Needs Pictures

When it comes to finding tenants, having pictures of your rental property will make the process faster and more effective. Tenants ignore listings that don’t have pictures. In fact, most listing sites include a filter that allows tenants to select ‘only show me places with pictures.’

Tenants rely on pictures to get a sense of what the property looks like. Without pictures, tenants won’t be interested in setting up a rental property showing. You won’t be able to move forward in the process without securing a tenant’s attention with great pictures.

#2 Receive More Listing Views

Listings with pictures receive 94% more views. This makes sense considering that tenants ignore listings that don’t have pictures. The more pictures you have, the longer a tenant will stay on your listing. Tenants spend 60% of their time looking at pictures. Visuals tell tenants exactly what they want to know- what the unit looks like, what condition it is in, and if they can picture themselves living there. Tenants also use pictures to help them imagine where they will put their furniture. It increases the chances of them wanting to live there when they can imagine their life there.

#3 Make Your Listing More Appealing on Social Media

We recommend sharing your rental listing on social media. It’s incredibly easy to do and can boost how many people see your listing. All you have to do is copy and paste your listing’s URL into your facebook post and you’ll get the chance to show off your listing to your friends. Even better, every time someone likes or shares your post, your post will be seen by even more people.

Posts with pictures are more likely to be read and clicked on. When you share a link on Facebook, it automatically pulls pictures from your listing. There’s no extra work involved. Read more for additional benefits of sharing your rental listing on social media.

#4 Pictures are Worth a Thousand…Dollars

Rental listings with pictures add to the worth of your unit. Tenants will be impressed with your unit based on pictures, whether you’re showing off your hardwood floors, high ceilings, an updated kitchen, or other amenities your unit has to offer. By showing off your unit’s value, you can justify a higher ****rent pric**e.** Tenants are more willing to pay a steeper rent if the unit is everything they want.

Pictures also help you anchor the tenant’s opinion, meaning if a tenant is impressed by your pictures, then the tenant is more likely to think the unit looks good when he or she sees it in person. Pictures have the power to raise the value of your unit from a tenant’s perspective.

For more factors that influence rent price, check out how to set your rent price.

#5 Rent Your Unit Faster

Having pictures in your listing helps you rent your unit faster. When you make your listing more appealing, more share-worthy on social media, with more listing views, then you increase how fast you can rent your unit. You will also decrease your rental vacancy rate. The goal is to find tenants before you have a vacant unit. As long as tenants are in your unit, you’ll make rental income, and ultimately the goal of your rental investment is to make money.

Find out the best way to find tenants to make sure you never have a rental vacancy.

#6 Re-Use Pictures Every Year

Taking pictures of your unit can seem like a tedious thing to do. But luckily, the process isn’t long and you don’t need expensive equipment. You can take great pictures of your property with just your iPhone. You can enhance your pictures by editing them, cropping them, brightening them, and making sure they are upright. Putting in that extra effort is worth it because you can re-use your pictures for years.

Read our guide chapter to learn exactly how to take rental listing pictures, including what equipment you’ll need, what time of day to take pictures, how to stage your unit, and how to take pictures when tenants live in the property.

#7 Use Pictures to Document the Unit’s Condition

The last benefit of taking rental property pictures is that you can document the condition of your unit over time. If you update your unit, you’ll want to take new pictures. Further, if you notice significant damage after tenants move out, you should take pictures as proof of the new condition. In a recent survey of our landlords, we determined that the number one reason why landlords don’t return the full security deposit is due to property damage.Taking pictures of damage is useful for documenting why you withheld part of a deposit.

Next Steps

Learn more about effectively finding tenants in our Complete Guide to Finding Tenants, including everything you need to know about taking pictures of your rental property.

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