A Tenant’s Guide to Setting Up Utilities


There are several things on your mind as you’re getting ready to move. Utilities are one of the most important things to set up. You’ll need electricity, gas, water, internet, among other utilities. Our goal is to make renting easier for you, especially when you’re moving. We’ll show you how to set up all of your utilities in less time.

Which Utilities Do You Need to Set Up?

Your lease will tell you which utilities you are responsible for. You can also ask your landlord. Sometimes, landlords will cover certain utilities, like water and trash.

Below is a complete list of utilities you may need to set up:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas for heat and cooking
  • Telephone
  • Cable or satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Security/alarm systems
  • Trash collection
  • Water and sewer

You should ask your landlord if there are preferred providers. For example, your unit may be wired to receive cable from a certain provider, like Comcast or Dish. It’s best to double check with your landlord before reaching out to providers. And for electricity, there is typically only one provider. By asking your landlord which provider to contact, you can take some of the guesswork out of the process.

In summary, here are two crucial questions to ask your landlord.

  1. Which utilities do you need to set up?
  2. Are there preferred providers for each utility?

When to Set Up Utilities

It’s important to set up utilities before you move. You’ll need utilities working from the first day you live there. We recommend contacting utility companies within a month of your move-in date. When you’re setting up utilities, you’ll select a start date. If you’re moving in on the first of the month, then the utility start date is the first of the month.

We know there’s a lot to do before moving. Keep track of everything with our Tenant’s Ultimate Moving Checklist.

How to Set Up Utilities

If you already have utilities set up for your current apartment and you’re moving within the same city, you can likely move your service from one address to another.

In the past, tenants would contact each utility company separately to set up utilities. Now, you can set up your utilities all at once. My Utilities lets you type in your new address and it’ll automatically show you utility options and bundles so you can save money.

For each type of utility, you can browse options. You’ll select which provider and price you want and then move to the next utility. Once you’ve selected each utility you want, you’ll check out. It’s as easy as that.
 Get started setting up all of your utilities at once.

Next Steps

We’re committed to making renting easy for tenants and landlords alike. We’ve compiled this guide to help make the transition from one rental to another easier for you. 
 Set up your utilities today.

Use My Utilities To Transfer Your Utilities Online

  • Transfer all of your utilities at once
  • Complete the process all online
  • Set up your utilities in real time

Set Up Your Utilities Now

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