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Introducing the Evidence Accelerator

Getting evidence into the hands of business leaders to help them take better care of their people.

We’re living through a health and economic crisis

The sprint has become a marathon

In short, we’re in a moment of high employer spend on employee health, little uptake, very low use of evidence, and virtually no positive impact on health, in the midst of the global pandemic.

That’s why we feel the timing of our latest Brink endeavour couldn’t be more urgent

  • What are the real health needs of workers on the front line and how might employers meet those needs with an approach mindful of what works (and what doesn’t)?
  • Why is uptake of existing offers so low and how can business buy or partner with better, more relevant solutions?
  • How might we accelerate workers getting meaningful support via the workplace that improves their autonomy and resilience in the face of C-19.
Dr Sara Hamilton



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Abigail Freeman

Founder of Brink. Organisational psychologist and behaviour designer writing about the future of work, the mindsets and culture we need for innovation to thrive