No children were harmed in the making

Circular, my unborn child

Connecting creatives

In the UK, the creative scene can feel very daunting to get into and be involved with. This feeling is often shared with introverts like myself. It has came to light from others around me, that meeting Creatives is hard to do because it feels like there are social hierarchies.

The story of my unborn starts a few weeks ago, when I tweeted I want a group chat for creatives. My tweet was an effort to try and reach new creatives on Twitter, including ones unknown to myself. Since then the idea of producing something beyond an oversized/irritating WhatsApp Group chat came along. Circular then became a plan I wanted to act out on, and here we are.

Circular is a community; powered by creatives for creatives. I want to promote active collaboration and networking for those who share mutual interests. With a collaborative driven community, Circular will allow anyone from students to active professionals looking to meet new people to connect, learn, and share. This will be done through an almost open directory format. Much more will be revealed as time goes on, and we hope to provide greater ways to allow people to create.

Within the first two weeks of this initial idea, we managed to get 100+ sign ups from enthusiastic creatives. It has been an exhilarating experience so far, and receiving such positive feedback has made this experience more exciting.

Next month I will give an update on progress, and a surprise update on near-future plans including a surprise event. Until then, I hope to see you all joining the Circular community soon!

P.s. it’s currently invite only, to sign up requires three things. Name, Email and for you to state your particular creative interest(s).


Sign up and join the journey,