About Hello Dog Talk

What is Hello Dog Talk?

Hello Dog Talk is an educational resource to promote a better understanding of dog behavior and body language. There are many great books about dog body language, but learning from a video helps to add context, show variety in the expressions of body language, and helps build the skill of predicting behavior in real-time.


We can prevent a lot of behavior issues if we understand our dogs better. My hope is to reduce dog bites, prevent unnecessary stress, and to thus help people and dogs find a higher quality of life with each other.

And who are you?

I’m a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (CBCC-KA) and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I am also a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor(CBATI), a program developed by Grisha Stewart. I own Fetch Dog Training and Behavior in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I’ve been a long-time volunteer in the rescue community. I now mentor trainers involved in the initiative Fetch-for-Fosters, a social business that provides low-cost training and behavior services for dogs in rescue care. I am currently working on an Interdisciplinary Master’s in Human-Animal Interactions and studying puppy development.

I share my life with two dogs, a cat, a horse, and an amazingly patient man with terrible allergies.

Not a dog: This is me with a really fabulous pig named Gary. Is my partner allergic to pigs? Let’s hope the answer is “no”.