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How I Gave My Son #BlackBoyMagic

This morning before putting Tristan on the bus, I placed a silver necklace around his neck. He looked at me confused because yesterday he didn’t have such a good day in school. He looked down at his necklace then back at me and asked "Mommy, you’re giving me a necklace?"

"Yes I am, but it's not just any necklace" I said. His eyes opened BIG.

"What kind of necklace is it?" He asked.

"This necklace helps you activate your #BlackBoyMagic."

"Whoooaaaa!" He said. His face lit up brighter than the sun. "How do I use it?"

"Well, as soon as your work in school seems too hard or you feel like giving up, this necklace will remind you that you're smart and you're magical."

"Wow! Does it make any noise?"

"Nope. It just makes you feel really good inside and gives you the power to believe in yourself even if you don't think you can." He walked to the bus stop this morning with his head held high.

When the bus arrived he looked up at me, pulled me down towards him and whispered, "Mommy, I'm going to have a good day today. Nobody knows I have #BlackBoyMagic."

I think today is going to be a magical day for Tristan. I can't wait until he comes home and tells me all about it!

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