A call to those who fundraise not to forget

…the many who work their asses off to allow you to prosper

A couple of decades ago, when ICO fever hit BIG and ether was $400 and rising, yeah, back in June 2017…… Hell! Blockchain time IS crazy.

Seriously it HAS been like that hasn’t it? Since early this year we have seen

  • insane amounts being raised in Initial Coin Offerings
  • clogging of the ethereum network causing transactions to take almost as long to process as bitcoin ones do on a good day
  • a huge spike in scams and seeing phishing technology evolve faster than aliens do when confronted by Sigourney Weaver
  • Oh yeah — there were a few hacks as well, and a White Hat rescue!

But apart from that it has been quite dull really. Ether “crashed” to a level it only first achieved on May 30th and everybody started to wonder what happened.

We at HelloGold have been planning to migrate the core product to Ethereum since we started nearly two years ago. Yours truly was the guy designated to make it happen. Since January I have also been tasked with designing the contracts for our forthcoming Token Sale and answering a million questions….

So I started talking to people like Matthew Tan, CEO of Etherscan.io who told me of the kind of support calls that they get to answer. Things like “why did my transaction fail?” and “I made a mistake, can you help me reverse it?”

And I started researching for some articles and found Taylor Monahan of myEtherWallet on twitter* sharing pretty much the same experiences….. as well as trying to help people get their transactions through when the network was jammed…

And, being the first to be scammed in TenX’s crowdsale, I started writing about the scams that are out there… and watching them evolve….

And I watched young Harry Denley release EtherAddressLookup as a chrome plugin to help you avoid those scams…..

And I started thinking. I started thinking about what an amazing community we have. Admittedly we have some right assholes (like the person of dubious parentage who got my 10 Ether), but we have people running unpaid services putting in crazy amounts of time that the rest of the community don’t see, and the rest of us taking them for granted.


So, I threw out the idea that during the HelloGold Token Sale we should set aside some tokens as a community fund to say thank you to some of these guys. And I proposed that we should call on others to do the same.

So that is what we are going to do. We have set aside some of our tokens for:

  • Etherscan.io — without whom we would never figure out what happened
  • myEtherWallet — for their tireless work in ensuring we can transact without getting scammed
  • EtherAddressLookup — because of the number of asses he either has saved or will do in the future
  • Engineers.sg — who tirelessly send teams out to record tech meetups in Singapore so that those who can’t attend can still benefit …

We may not have the perfect list but it is a start. We would like to get ideas of who else we (and the community) should support — please share your thoughts either in the responses section below or any of our communications channels. We would also encourage you to build your own community fund if YOU are proposing a token sale.

*No link to myEtherWallet because you are advised to either

  • Type it yourself
  • Use a bookmark
  • User the chrome plugin

In order to avoid phishing links.

Information on the HelloGold Token Sale may be found on https://www.hellogold.org/. We will have details on the community fund posted soon.