Adding Tokens to Metamask

We have a PR in but it could take a while

Dave Appleton
Aug 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Metamask is a really cool wallet built as a chrome extension.

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Metamask “sent ether” tab

You will notice when you see your balance that there is also a tab for tokens.

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MetaMask try to keep up with the incessant release of new tokens. They make it easy for token developers to inform them of new tokens but some tokens still get missed.

Naturally people want to know how to add new tokens.

It is really simple as long as you have the token contract address. You can get this from the token provider, or possibly from etherscan. Let’s try to add HelloGold’s Gold Backed Tokens :

Let’s ask etherscan…

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Select HelloGold-GBT

If the team at Etherscan have done their usual fantastic job you will not only see the token in the drop down but also on the page:

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Copy the address. Return to Metamask. Just click on ‘ADD TOKEN’.

Paste the address into the address field. Notice that the other fields populate automatically.

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Symbol and provision provided by Metamask

Simply entering the token address causes Metamask to access the contract and extract the name and precision from the token contract. After that you simply click on “Add”

If you have any GBT you will now see them listed alongside the HGT and STORJ.

HGT Address : 0xba2184520A1cC49a6159c57e61E1844E085615B6

GBT Address : 0x7585F835ae2d522722d2684323a0ba83401f32f5

Since I am writing this in early September and no allocation of GBT to HGT holders has happened yet, I can’t show you — but this was how I added the HGT that you can see in the pictures above.

Notes :

  • If you are launching a token sale you can prepare metamask in advance.


Gold Savings Made Easy

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