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Step 6: Sending ETH to Token Sale address

[Note: This post has been edited on 20 Sept 2017 to reflect the ICOage Token Resale starting on 21 Sept 2017 instead of the Public Sale, which started on 28 August 2017]

We have created a series of process walkthroughs providing instructions on how to participate in the HelloGold Foundation Token Sale. This post covers Step 6 in the process, ie:

  1. Setting up an Exchange account to change fiat into crypto
  2. Buying ETH from an Exchange
  3. Setting up an address on a wallet that supports participating in Token Sales
  4. Transferring ETH from an Exchange to a wallet
  5. Completing HelloGold Token Sale registration
  6. Sending ETH to the Token Sale address

There are other wallets you may use in the crypto space. This walkthrough focuses on using MyEtherWallet.

To read on the prior step, go to Step 5: Token Sale Registration.

For the full list of walkthroughs, click here.

Sending ETH to the Token Sale address

Time to send your ETH! Remember, you can only do so once your account has been approved.

Step 1:

Log in to kyc.hellogold.org and find the Token Sale Address shown in the Home page.

The address will be shown 24 hours before the token sale, but you may only send ETH after token sale starts at 12:00 UTC 21 September 2017. Please don’t send your ETH before as it will be automatically rejected and you will only waste your funds to pay for gas.

Step 2:

Open your Web Browser and navigate to: https://www.myetherwallet.com/

Note: As MyEtherWallet repeatedly warns, please check the URL: https://www.myetherwallet.com/. If your URL is different, you are likely on a phishing website.

Step 3:

Check that you are on the MyEtherWallet network.

Step 4:

Unlock your address (in this example, we use a keystore file — you may also use other methods):

  1. Go to Send Ether & Tokens
  2. Select Keystore File (UTC / JSON)
  3. Select your Wallet File (where you saved your keystore file)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select Unlock

Step 5:

Copy the token sale address shown on Step 1 and paste under To Address, followed by the amount of ETH you’d like to send under Amount to Send.

Note: the error message below may show up if your Gas Limit is insufficient. We recommend setting the Gas Limit to 300,000 and Gas Price to 21 Gwei.

Step 6:

Click on Generate Transaction.

Step 7:

Click on Send Transaction.

Step 8:

Check the transaction details, then click Yes, I am sure!

Note: KOVAN refers to the Ethereum test network. You should not see this word when you are sending your ETH.

Step 9 (Optional):

You will see this message bar appear at the bottom of your browser. You may click on Verify Transaction to verify the status of your transaction.

You will be brought to a page on Etherscan showing details of your transaction.

Step 10 (Optional):

Refreshing your kyc.hellogold.org Home page will also show you your ETH and HGT amounts (this may take a short amount of time to update).

Some important details on the sending of funds:

  • If you sent a total amount of at least 10 ETH and participated in both the Public Sale and Token Resale, your Public Sale amount will be topped up to a 20% bonus regardless of the tranche you were in.
  • Any funds sent from an address that has not been approved will not be accepted and you will pay for the gas involved.
  • Any funds that is sent after the maximum cap has been reached or the Token Resale duration has ended will not be accepted and you will pay for the gas involved.
  • Please set a Gas Limit of 300,000 and Gas Price of 21 Gwei to ensure your transaction is successful.

Thanks for supporting the Token Sale! To keep track with our updates, follow the Medium page and join the Slack channel.



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