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Update on the community funding initiative

Adding giveth.io, Parity, EtherscamDB and the WhiteHats to the list

You may recall recently that I recently wrote about giving back to the community that helped you in your token sale or ICO.

We also asked for suggestions for any more to add to the list. If you recall the original list were:

  • Etherscan. They may be a fledgeling business but they spend half their time supporting idiots like me asking “why can’t my contract verify?” and newbies asking “I sent to the wrong address. Can you help me get it back?” while all the time creating better and better services.
  • myEtherWallet. The ethereum world’s favourite wallet.
    Insanely helpful people. Passionate about fighting scams.
    Many assume that they are a business (and think they get a cut of the transactions) but they run on donations — and, of course, they don’t.
    (I hope you did not click on that link)
  • EtherAddressLookup. Harry Denley — a passionate young fella from the U.K. built a browser extension that warns you if you are visiting a scam site and turns ethereum addresses to links to examine them on your favourite block explorer. His database is being used by Metamask to protect their users.
  • Engineers.sg. Michael Cheng’s passion to record Singapore’s tech events so that anybody worldwide can watch them and learn from them.
    It is a common thing for Mike to be recording an event and be mistaken for “the AV guy”. Mike’s full time role is as a senior software developer.

New suggestions

  • Just before the post was published, the Parity Wallet hack happened, the White-hats came and saved the day. One immediate recommendation was the white hats but they were refusing contributions. Now that they have returned the ‘at risk’ ether and tokens, they have set up the white hat fund. We agree it is a worthy cause.
  • Giveth is Donation 3.0. Giveth allows donors to donate to their favourite cause, know exactly where their donation went, what it accomplished and most important: be part of the whole process. A startup backed by stellar names like Griff Green and Jordi Baylina that is generating some really good open source code.
  • EtherScamDB: is a publicly updatable database of scam addresses and URL’s that gets accessed by various sources and periodically checks the status of the reported sites. The scam sites that are still active are marked for further action.
  • The Parity bounty fund: created after the parity wallet hack to incentivise the community, who get to use all their stuff for free, to do their due diligence and check the code thoroughly. This fund will reward people who have taken the chance to audit the parity code and found issues with it.

What comes next ?

The HelloGold Token Sale starts at noon on Monday 28th August (UTC+8)

How long the sale will last is anybody’s guess.

We are all pretty exhausted from the months of preparation and would love to be able to go home on the Monday night satisfied that it was all over but we do not expect that to happen.

To take part in the token sale everybody needs to go through validation procedures that closely mirror the one required to use the HelloGold App. We need a bit of time for Joshua and his team to check your registration.

This is likely to put a bit of a damper on things, and to be honest we do not really want to upset Taylor or Matthew by overloading their networks again.

When the dust settles and our families recognise us again, we will check the funds received and finalise the amount to distribute to each community group. We have a fair idea of the amount already but everything has to be audited and above board.

We will make the distribution either in HGT or ether. I seriously cannot believe that with the fantastically detailed white paper, business plans and other stuff that we have released on hellogold.org that we actually never mentioned how we were going to disburse the funds 😂.

Then we can go home and rest for a few days before returning to the challenge of bringing better savings options to the underserved in our society.

Roger asked me to add this bit :

The whitepaper mentions that we are raising three rounds of financing. We are certain that we will have established a good enough track record for there to be strong support for us in 2018 and 2019. Keep sending suggestions for who to support in the next rounds.


I was kinda hoping that he had forgotten about that. It has been a crazy six months but they insist that we do it in three rounds “to be responsible and show that we are dedicated to growing the business and, by consequence, the value of HGT”

No peace for the wicked eh?




Gold Savings Made Easy

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