The Origin of Hedgie

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Hedgies are legendary creatures. Skilled explorers with a storied past, these colourful cryptocollectibles dig for treasure and earn cryptocoin in the free-to-play Hedgie Game.

There are precisely 16,777,226 Hedgies in existence, each one tied to a different 6-digit hex code.

This story begins long before humans discovered cryptocoin, or what Hedgies call Curio.

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a meteor crashed into Curiopia, depositing a rare mineral known as Hexium into the soil. Since then, every Hedgie on Curopian soil has radiated a different hex colour, totally unique from all the others — a fact that still baffles experts to this day.

Hedgies roamed happily above ground in the four distinct kingdoms of Curiopia — the Desert, the Wetlands, the Forest, and the Mountains. That is, until, The Curiosity struck…

The four Curiopia Kingdoms: the arid Desert, the misty Wetlands, the lush Forest, and the wintry Mountains.

The Curiosity is as much a dark and mysterious mark in Hedgian history, as it is a revolutionary one. It was a peaceful, uneventful morning in all four kingdoms. But disaster struck in the form of an elemental anomaly of cosmic proportions that rippled across space and time.

The Curiosity tore through Curiopia, striking first in the Desert. An epic sandstorm blanketed an entire Hedgian civilization in mere minutes. In the Wetlands, a mudslide drowned everything in sight. In the Forest, a fire raged through the once-lush kingdom, leaving a mile-thick layer of ash. And in the Mountaintops, a legendary volcano erupted, cloaking the land below in lava that later hardened, preserving much of what was covered, deep beneath the surface.

After the dust settled, the Hedgies emerged from the aftermath. A resilient species, the Hedgies survived that day, but the same could not be said for their precious homes, valuables, and Curio. For any hope of rebuilding their civilization, the Hedgies only had one place to go. Determined, they dug deep into the wreckage of their kingdoms to recover what was lost, searching for answers, collecting any and all treasures of old that they could find. Though a disaster of epic proportions in many ways, it was on this day that Hedgies realized their natural gift for discovery.

Each Hedgie has its own combination of four Element powers (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), and four Skills (Luck, Prudence, Intelligence, and Charm). Together, these eight attributes help determine a Hedgie’s unique performance in the game.

After many years, the Hedgies of Curiopia uncovered much of what had been buried by The Curiosity’s fury… and more. Valuable Curio, tools, gear, artifacts, and even passageways to other kingdoms were discovered from centuries earlier. There remains no explanation for how and why The Curiosity occurred, as befitting its name, but the hope of uncovering such answers is what keeps Hedgies digging to this day.

The legendary Curio coin.

The Hedgie Game

The Hedgie Game is a free-to-play blockchain game for web and mobile. Help your Hedgie rebuild its civilization by using the loot and Curio coin that it finds on its journeys into the four Curiopia Kingdoms!

Use loot to boost your Hedgie’s unique powers, use resources to build furniture for the Hedgie House, and spend your Curio in the real world at Hedgie-Approved Businesses.

Get started at and follow Hedgie on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.



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