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2 min readDec 5, 2017


ICON has joined the “Blockchain Interoperability Alliance”. The Alliance is backed by ICON, Aion, and Wanchain and has the shared goal of promoting interconnectivity between the isolated blockchain networks.

The inability for isolated blockchains to communicate with one another is a recurring problem in the decentralized landscape. Isolated inter-blockchain communication can put a strain to blockchain’s scalability and mainstream adoption.

The Alliance’s main priority is collaborate on research on interchain transactions and communication. The Alliance will focus on developing common industry standards, sharing researching, and protocol architecture.

All three blockchain projects have the common goal of connecting blockchain protocols. ICON is an interconnecting blockchain network that connects independent blockchains without additional intermediaries. Aion aims to become the common protocol used for these blockchains, enabling more efficient and decentralized systems to be built. Wanchain is a distributed financial platform that enables private, cross-blockchain smart contract execution that aims to unite the world’s isolated digital assets.

JH Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member, has high hopes for the Alliance, “The goal of this alliance is to create a globally accepted standard for connecting blockchains, and to bring innovations together”.

ICON will work with Aion and Wanchain to Hyperconnect the World.

Blockchain Interoperability Alliance — Video

Blockchain Interoperability Alliance — Photos

Hyperconnect the World


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