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Greetings from the ICON Team!

“Blockchain project Demo Day — New Kids on the Block(chain)”, sponsored by ICON, was held on April 27th in D.Camp Seoul.

JH KIm(CEO of theloop), JS Han(CEO of Ground X), Simon KIM(CEO of #Hashed), JH Park(CTO of Upbit), and HW Lee(CEO of Unblock) attended the event and participated in a panel discussion.

From the left: HW Lee(CEO of Unblock), JH KIm(CEO of theloop), Simon KIM(CEO of #Hashed), JH Park(CTO of Upbit), JS Han(CEO of Ground X)

The event started with ICON introducing “T-BEARs”, a tool to help develop smart contracts using SCORE, followed by a presentation and Q&A session led by 5 projects that have passed the screening stage.

[Presentation Teams]

Project #1 — STAYGE: Blockchain Based Artist — Fan Ecosystem
Evaluates and compensates fan engagement using blockchain technology.

Project #2 — Dappground: Open-source DApp Support Platform
A platform that helps DApp teams launch their own open-source project

Project #3 — MotherOfLanguage: Blockchain Based Translation Services
Creates a marketplace for translation services allowing for fair and efficient compensation for translators through the use of smart contracts.

Project #4 — My Early House: Blockchain Based Real state Listing Service
Leveraging the power of blockchain technology to ensure data integrity and increase market efficiency in the real estate market

Project #5 — Scinapse: Decentralized Learning Platform System
Store and track the use of research papers, how research funds are being used, and evaluate the results of the research using blockchain technology

Winner of the first blockchain demo day event, STAYGE Team

Each presentation was followed by a Q&A session from the panel and the winner of the first blockchain demo day went to STAYGE. STAYGE was rewarded with ICX worth 3mil KRW (app. 3,000 USD)

There was a networking session shortly after the award ceremony, bringing everybody together to celebrate a successful first blockchain demo day!

Demo day event, “New Kids on the Block(chain)” will be held every month. Please look forward for the next month’s event.

Thank you

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